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No Man Left Behind - Why we bring home our own

In the U.S. Armed Forces, we don’t leave anyone behind. It’s one of the basic pillars of what the Army calls the Warrior Ethos: “I will never leave a fallen comrade.”

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Perhaps our President should read this too.

That being said this is the story of 2 brave American soldiers who gave their lives to save people left behind.

MSG Gordon and MSG Shughart: The real heroes of the Battle of Mogadishu

The story of courage and self-sacrifice is best portrayed in the heroic story of MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart. Two Delta snipers who fought and died in the Battle of Mogadishu. For their acts, they were awarded the highest military decoration Medal of Honor, for the first time after the Vietnam War.

The Master Sergeant Gary Ivan Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randall David Shughart, both members of the 1st SFOD-D were part of the Task Force engaged in Operation Gothic Serpent (later known as Battle of Mogadishu) during the US intervention in Somalia on October 3, 1993.

During the battle, they were tasked to provide sniper support from the air, but the things went awfully wrong after two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down. At one point, MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart requested permission to land near the crash site of the second helicopter and to defend the crash site and four critically wounded helicopter crew members. They did that, despite the fact that large numbers of armed Somali militia were converging the area.

On the first call, mission commanders denied their request to go there and protect the site of the downed helicopter until reinforcements arrive. The Mission commander said that the situation was already too dangerous for the Delta snipers to effectively protect the Blackhawk crew from the ground… But, they insisted!

Black Hawk Down

At the time, MSG Gordon was Sniper Team Leader during a joint-force assault mission to apprehend key advisers to Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid and warlord himself if possible. The first phase of the assault went good, but shortly after an initial phase, one of the Army’s Black Hawk helicopters providing insertion and air support to the assault team, was shot down and crashed in the downtown at the hostile controlled area. Helicopter with call sign Super 61 (Super Six One).

A CSRT (Combat Search and Rescue team) was dispatched to the first crash site to secure it and a short time later, another Black Hawk, Super 64 (Super Six Four) was shot down as well. Available Ranger forces on the ground were not able to assist the downed helicopter crew of the second crash site as they were already engaged in heavy combat with Somali’s militia and making their way to the first crash site.

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Comments (8)

Marines = Oo-rah! (He11 yes, I agree)

Navy = Hoo-ya.

Army = Hoo-ah.

And yet, the filth who have stolen the White House, haven't the first clue to nobility and courage and self-sacrifice.

They are unworthy in every way.
Unless of course you were one of the US Marines on the beach in Cambodia and abandoned there by order of President Ford.
Unless of course you were one of the Paramilitary US fighters sent into Angola to fight and not re-supplied with ammunition when Dr. Kissinger decided to pretend you didn't exist..
Unless of course your assignment was to be undercover on an airliner that went down in flames and no one was told where you died or even if you died.
Keep going Ken , tip of the iceberg . Leaders have a habit of leaving behind thousands since Truman set the standard .
Afghanistan hostage situation could make Iran 1979 ‘look like a sleepover
I would expect the Taliban to kill most leaving a small valuable bunch to protect themselves from drones . Its gone from 20,000 plus US people down to a few hundred in Kabul , most won't be anywhere near the place along with many hundreds of western allies , now a nuisance to Biden , dangerous to be a nuisance .
"And yet, the filth who have stolen the White House, haven't the first clue to nobility and courage and self-sacrifice.They are unworthy in every way."

I came to believe that no Govt. whatever its form of government should allow any politician should have the right to serve as President, or Prime minister, or what you, whatever they may call themselves, without having actively served in their country's military. Most assuredly served in combat. It may be 'outdated' and 'old-fashioned' but real nations depend on all it's military, especially in leadership. In fact those that do not actively serve, should not even be allowed full citizenship. Stop electing and worshipping useless and mediocre and generally incompetent civilians. Paper-pushing does not provide leadership in anything but 'paper-pushing' regardless of the momentary popularity of the masses that avoid military
Biden acknowledged the other day (Friday() in a press conference that the US Embassy 'may' have provided the Taliban of a list of US citizens believed to be somewhere in the country, in order to help expedite their passage through checkpoints. That this stupidity provided the Taliban with a list of names of people to take into custody (or simply kill) has only recently been realized.
Is Biden really that ^^^^ naive?

So sad....

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