Yanking the chain or chaining the Yank

Having commented on several blogs and been given the order of the boot, along with other posters, in no uncertain manner by certain O.P.s I have to call in to question people's own mentality. There seems to be a group mentality on here of late which defeats the whole object of blogging. Control freaks springs to mind to say the least.

On one particular blog about libraries I found this interesting comment.

Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is a mental disorder in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.

Common sense springs to mind that if you continually slag off others on here by calling them bastards, commie, d*ck heads, get back in the kitchen, do some knitting, the list is endless especially from one particular poster, are you not totally guilty of the one thing that you decry in others.

Answers on a postage stamp please.grin
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oh good this blog isnt about me,the pervert seks addict grin
Hi Devo

You are welcome even with your afflictions.laugh hug
Yes and the very person responsible floods other threads as well. Bullying behaviour that so many seem to not mind.
I can only hope he leaves with the same enthusiasm he came in with.
Hi Snowlynx

Reminds me of several other obnoxious posters who were finally given the order of the boot so I'm told. Funny thing is our defensive responses obviously have an effect on their ego, as they delete our posts, as is their obsession with so called "sock suppets"

Same as calling a woman" dear" or "dearie " .So patronizing .sigh
One can not always presume to find within any forum
A wide latitude of love- logic..Mcreason
Compassion et al..
Esp.in Amerika
Our F minus government gave us F double minus TV
..a war on poverty..a war on drugs..a war on Terror
..the Evidence is in the WIND...ALL THE TIME..
Truth / Washington
Stop making sense / talking heads
$nake Farm / Cooder
..A R ] A deeper Understanding / war on drugs.
@ agent bob

Unfortunately some presume too much and never know when to stophandshake
Hi TM,
"Yanking the chain or chaining the Yank"

Depends who the 'Yank' is. Don't let people get you down, this is what they want. Just move on if a blog makes you uneasy.
Evening Lukeon

They don't bother me actually, but sometimes you have to stand up and be counted and not let them grind you into the dust grin
I was booted from the same library, this post may have struck a nerve with corporal and his grrrl squad.. laugh

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The classic image of Narcissus in the Greek mythology, overcome by his own beauty when gazing into the pool, tells only a fraction of the story. Narcissists are not insane. They are sane, maybe not in every respect, but fully aware of what they do, and that society does not approve of their actions. But they don’t care. They think the rules do not apply to them.

Daughters of narcissistic mothers

Cheer up. Lighten up. Get over it. Grow up. Get a life. Don't cry. Don't worry. Don't be sad. Stop whining. Stop laughing. Don't get angry. Deal with it. Give it a rest. Forget about it. Stop complaining. Don't be so dramatic. Don't be so sensitive. Stop being so emotional. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop taking everything so ...

@ Bohemian Jack

Some people are extremely good at trying to pointing out the faults in others yet completely overlook their own:

Frankly after all the comments now being bandied about amongst this group who in hell would want to join in anyway. I gave up reading comics years ago.laugh
Aaaah Napoleon complex, CS has had many over the years, well actually not that many, more the same ones with new handles laugh so astounded that someone doesn't agree with them they immediately throw their toys out of the pram, they mostly all have a thing about the military and battles and all see the delete comment button as the trigger of a sub machine gun, which of course it isn't, it's actually a call to arms for their opposing forces banana laugh
I find it incredible that one man knows so much about military maneuvers and covert operations and has been on so many critical missions. Surely a film should be made in his honor. Maybe a Nobel prize will be bestowed in the future sometime after the full resume of his heroic deeds has been revealed, even posthumously. Let's hope so. If he had been killed in battle we could have commissioned a statue of him on a Charging Chausseur with both front legs high in the air. Unfortunately his would have all four hoofs firmly planted on the ground, even so, not too shabby.
Well I needed a laugh this a.m. and the last couple of comments sure had me splitting my sidesrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing :roll

Thanks guyshug
Yet again Delete ,delete delete.

That would explain why some moved from the Forums to the blogs so they could have more control and delete anyone who had an opinion differing from their own mindset.

Funnily enough they still mention certain posters in a mocking manner to feed their own egos.

Says it all really.laugh
Well that was a mistake on my behalf, to call people out on something without proof. When something appears to be wrong it doesn't mean that it is. Just two people on the same wavelength I suppose. Another lesson learnt. My real issue is the fraudulent medical advice being touted. I thought if I could discredit them on something else, but it was a bad idea and did me more reputational damage than them. I'll give no apology though and I'm certainly no match for people with such high egos, I'll leave that to Rizlared, Sir_T, Jac and all you other good folk who have that particular talent. Thanks for your blog.
Tiger_Moth .. hug
@ ged

More power to your elbow for even attempting to challenge others. It may be a wasted try but at least it grabs people's attention.

What makes me laugh ,as and others have said , is all our deletions which is why posters are now on here and not the Forums ,yet they leave their own caustic remarks about said posters on the blog. When someone kicks arse on the Forums it stays there but here it's just selective viewing for the chosen few.handshake
@ swamie

Whatever turns you on. laugh
@ Tiger_Moth

Frankly after all the comments now being bandied about amongst this group who in hell would want to join in anyway. I gave up reading comics years ago.

They're here because gettr, breitbart or dailycaller forums aren't any fun with no opposition to the cult.. wink

I was booted again after posting in the general's trolling_and_the_dark_triad blog.. laugh

Anglers debating the finer points of trolling.. laugh

Embedded image from another site

It can sometimes be interesting and a bit educational to learn what trolls are saying.. wave
Hi bohemian wave

I'm pretty oblivious to certain posters now to be honest.You can always tell when you've rattled their chain as they either try to demean you or delete your comments laugh

Imagine having them for neighboursrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
If you haven't got what it takes to win by fair means, but are determined to win, that leaves foul.

If you're going to use foul means, the power the opposition has is in exposing your fraudulence.

How you protect yourself from exposure is by manipulating your base supporters into making the accusations first: ]they cheated; they're sheep; they use sockpuppets;they're being lied to by their own leader and are going to die because they believed their lies; etc.

This weakens any counter arguments where blatant foul play is pointed out. It ends up sounding like five year olds shouting, "No, you smell!" at each other.

Of course, you can only manipulate people into thinking that foul means are fair and fair means are foul if those people don't have the resources to understand the psychosocial dynamic.

All regimes who use foul means whilst claiming righteousness rely upon a large support base who are under-resourced educationally, intellectually and on many other levels.

This brings me to the accusation of "useful idiots". It's quite a clever one in that the under-resourced support base get to believe they are the clever ones, a status they have likely rarely enjoyed. It's more likely that one of the many ways they have felt disenfranchised is through intellectual discrimination. We live in societies where specific academic abilities have the greatest status and we marginalise, or ignore other skills, or forms of intelligence in many ways, including through pay/wealth disparity.

The thing is, if you're being silenced by the righteous regime which uses foul means, it's because you're not a "useful idiot". That regime knows full well it's own followers are the "useful idiots" and the "idiots" are empowered and uplifted by feeling useful.

The way to counteract the threat of autocratic dominance is to change the way we think about usefulness and status. We need to hold on to the paradigm shift that covid has brought where we recognise and value those who are essential to our existence - the healthcare workers, the cleaners, the factory workers, the food producers, the shop workers. If we stop expecting people to work themselves into disablity, ill-health and an early grave for a subsistence, or lower than subsistence standard of living then maybe they wouldn't feel quite so disenfranchised.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted and payng attention to those who use foul means, we should be channelling our energies and using our voices to campaign for a living wage and and end to nurses having to rely on foodbanks.

In that way, being "silenced" may be a blessing and we accept those who use foul means are welcome to shoot themselves in the foot. It seems it's the only shot many are willing to receive.
@ Tiger_Mothonline today!
Tiger_MothOP•Sep 10•Louth, Lincolnshire, England UK
Hi bohemian wave

I'm pretty oblivious to certain posters now to be honest.You can always tell when you've rattled their chain as they either try to demean you or delete your comments laugh

Imagine having them for neighboursrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Yeah, imagine that, booted for telling truth.. laugh

Nothing comes from nothing, and past performance is often a good predictor of future acts. Dr. Judy Mikovits reminds the Reader what Fauci has done in the past.

The name Mikovits really draws the crackpots! Like many online conspiracy theories the audience is growing because of the mix of true believers and those that prey on them.. hmmm

@ bohem

I'm not trying to be your hero
Cause that zero is too cold for me, brrr
I'm not trying to be your highness
Cause that minus is too low to see, yeah.. -Billy Preston. Nothing From Nothing

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