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I almost panicked - until I received the best news ever!

Monday morning, K informed me that she was home sick with sore throat, headache, pressure around her ears and a runny and clogged nose, and that she hadn't slept well. She took a PCR test and waited for the result, so she could get an appointment for her doctor. She advised me to do take a PCR test, as fast as possible. Thoughts was racing through my mind.. Did I possibly pass on covid to her? I wasn't that close to her during the concert, was I? Am I the reason she's possibly going to have to be forced to call in sick with covid? If it is covid, and I produce a positive test, how am I going to explain it to my 8 roommates?

You could say, I panicked.. Thinking "Oh shit, this is not good.."

I first went for a rapid test, and about 30 minutes later, it came back as negative. I then donned my face mask, that I got handed out during the rapid test, and went to do the PCR test. I felt fine, so I wasn't worried at all. Still, it didn't hurt to be tested, just to be safe. I have been light headed, and I did have some chest pains when I coughed.. This could end badly..

I went to bed a few hours later, my mind still racing. What if.. What if.. What if..

Sleeping didn't come easy, for some reason. I kept thinking about how bad K must be feeling, for her to visit her doctor

At 6 am this morning, I woke up to what could possibly be the best news ever - her test was negative. That lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders. If her test was negative, then there is a possibility that mine is negative as well. I paid some bills and left for school.

A few hours later, while at school, my result came back. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. I opened the app, and went to look at the result of the test. I read the best eleven letters ever: Not detected.


I am now extremely confident, that what I had over the weekend, was a regular cold. I guess the vaccine really does work.. Who would have thunk, eh?

Still, this experience has left me with one new thing to do: Wear a face mask on public transport and in large gatherings. I don't have the time to be sick. I want to be the student, who gets put on the Wall of Fame. Who has a perfect attendance rate! I will not fulfill those wishes if I am sick.

I did see K today, though. Now that she knows it's just a bad cold, she's going outside again. She wears a face mask and keeps her distance from all people - including me. Six feet. I told her I was okay with that, and it was for the best because she's sick. She'll be back to normal in about a weeks time. Until then, it's plenty of rest for her, and a lot of fluids

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