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Hell No

I honestly do not take any male serious on this site , some of them glimpse your profile and they are immediately in love , hahaha ,
They want your phone number , hang out , SKYPE , Instagram , email and whatever else you got , to fast for me and I don't even like speed , suddenly they stop messaging you .
Firstly I don't know you , you are thousands of miles away , it's not like you could take a taxi and we would get acquainted a bit .
I don't know what the rush is about .
This says that they are on shit and loads of it too .
I know I am not a teenager anymore , but that does not mean to say that I have to grab at any and everything .

Take your time gentlemen , what is for you you will get it , cool and calm .
Don't get offended I know who I am talking about .

I am way pass that stage of being an attention seeker , oh gosh , they say age is just a number , but , but , but , but .

Have a bless day everyone .

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wave Ann!

Some of the Women are sad, pathetic Freaks ...
Fit & Athletic - But merely 3'2" (97cm) tall.

Pitiful is what it is blues ... Just PITIFUL ... crying

Give me your personal email & telephone number. We can talk 'bout on Skype.
I've got like $kagillion USD but can't access it cuz I can't get outta Afghanistan.
Everything will somehow turn out OK if you give me your bank account numbers.
I'll marry you and you'll be Rich. You'll see.
I'm a widower engineer working for an Oil Company.
I am God-fearing.
You're the most Gorgeous woman in the World. I love you. Marry me.
How much money do you have?

heart wings smitten kiss hug teddybear

If that's Too Fast, I Understand, Gorgeous smile We'll start Simple & take it Slow.

For now -
Just give me your bank account numbers so I can get the Hell outta Afghanistan.
Also - Your PIN Numbers & your Mother's maiden name. That'll help.


All up to you if you want to fall for that scrap
Hey Beautiful love ... you are My Soulmate.

Do you have a car? What year? Does it run?

The Taliban is Closing In - Gimme your bank account numbers QUICK!! ... uh oh

I couldnt agree more with u,this site is full of scammers
Be careful my dear
Thank you , but I see them from a mile.
Am one woman man & god-fearing please ... Am very romantic. ... kiss

Do you have a boat?

Good to know , sure I have both rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
heart wings
Mmmkay -
It ain't Fair that only we Guys see the crazy crazy that turns up in OUR Mailboxes.
Sooo - Just for y'all women's Shits & Giggles ...

Wanna have Y'all's ásses laughed off?
Search this ...
... And read ANY of the crazies from that List ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

There's a Prize of a Set Of Dandy Virtual Steak Knives for the 1st Contestant who Figures Out HOW I gathered that ...

You do reject genuine attempts too! You do not want to make contact.
@mic absolutely dreadful accent in that youtube
no one speaks like that!
Raining gently and steadily

Someone MAY Talk like that -
It's not possible to Prove a Negative ... tongue

Stop confusing Ann scold
The sooner she gives me her bank account numbers, the sooner I am get my $kagillions USD Outta Afghanistan & she & I am get married cuz she, like, my soulmate.
She am gorgeous ... love

You might make her Think I am scamming her.

She am have a car that RUNS - And a Boat ... She am RICH!! smitten

Fargofan .I was wondering if you were speaking to me , but I looked around and I saw no-one else , lol .
Now see Here, Gorgeous -
There am delay getting me your Bank Account numbers so I can get my $Kagillions USD outta Afghanistan & we can be Soulmates Married kiss

Perhaps we am Confused? dunno ... This will make things much Clear ...

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