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A. Male figure.....

Is. He a devil?....I am not trying
To insult any men here in the blogs...
This is a true story....I am really
Scared deep down....I have not
Slept...past 2days....that handsome
Faced man looking ...was he
A human ?....I am quite
Men were created with the desire and need for sex to procreate. They want and need that. Women are created to nurture to provide the continuation of the species....
Basic is understood.
That is all ok
Need(sometimes lot of) time to
I do understand
No doubt god made.
Them that way..
But..what about
Sixth sense...civilization
Working towards
For a better society
Quite shocking...
They could just
Think in one direction
Do they think
Women are desperate?
emotional and physical companionship.
Needs to come
From inside feelings
I thought..
Trust, Loyalty, and Honesty. Is everything
That matters before
Am I wrong?
Why act like women put on this earth to please him?
there are a lot of honest men out there they want nothing but love respect and honesty from a girl …isnt it? but every relationship has expectations ..
I do have good
Of this....
think the genders are equal when it comes to wanting “things" from the opposite sex. Whether it be dinner, sex, gifts, a home, etc…
As normal human beings..
A give and take
Both sides. Right?
Not every girl is crazy about handsome face and body built up....some are okay with ordinary looks. Not so good physical built ...too, so it's not about being the most handsome man of this world.
Unlike men, women are not primarily driven by looks. Most often than not, we will decide if we are attracted to a man because of how that man makes us feel.
We want a man who is in control but not controlling. There’s a difference.
When we say "I love you", we mean it.
Even when we are in love with you, we hate many things that you do but we will never tell you.
Either we seen bad
Experience of other
Girls. Or had personal
Bad experiance
Or heard from reliable source...
that's why we don't trust you easily.
I know the real fact.... some are
Real gentlemen.
All I am. asking is ...What's wrong
In saying.....
Thanks for your apparent interest in me (whatever the name) but I’m not really interested in going that direction with you,”
How many times
To say...I’m not interested, sorry.”
finally exhausted with this bullshit and feeling forced to lie: I have a boyfriend.
doh frustrated
I think some can not take
No for an answer....
Dear men,
We respect you a lot and we want you to respect us. Both male and female together make this society, let's walk hand in hand, you take a step, we'll take another. This journey will be more beautiful! For women, it’s about the endless journey not the destination.

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