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Still Hanging in There

In a world where everyone is so ugly to each other I feel like reporting something beautiful at least it is to my heart. My Dad who has survived two Hospice situations, lived in a rehab for almost 2 years, fell out of bed twice once needing a hip replacement during the GD lockdown is still hanging in there. Mom went through hell getting him home but she did it and a nurse comes daily to help Dad, in and out of bed, to bathe and eat.

Yesterday when I was there, I bent over to kiss him and ask, "Daddy you know who I am?"
him "Well you called me Daddy, so..."
me "yeah that was a hint, do you know my name"
him...he sees my dog and says, "Bella"
me "Dad you know my dog but not me?"
He locks eyes with me and smiles a smile that just melts my heart - even though his elevator is stuck between floors.

Lately his blood pressure is swinging up and down. Mom called emergency services but they wanted to take him to the ER - she said no - she doesn't want him near all the covid patients, I thought that was a good call. A doctor comes to the house and redoes his meds but if he dies at home, so be it. That is what he wanted before he lost his mind, was to die at home. Mom seems to be at peace with that too.

The CUTE thing to report is that Mom and Dad still hold hands and it is the cutest thing to see. I've seen it all my life but there is a whole lot more beauty and love watching those two withered hands hold each other and r
adiate their love. At least Dad recognizes Mom completely.

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A toast to their ongoing love and devotion. cheers

It's The Long Goodbye ... sad flower

I teared up reading this. How the little things mean so much...the holding hands part..reminds me of my late husband and me...we were always touching each other.

What a beautiful relationship your parents have experienced...and what troopers they both are.

How wonderful for you to be loved by two such loving parents.

Thanks for another peek into your family and a positive blog.
The little things do mean so much. I'm filled with gratitude to be part of this family and sorry I put them through hell when I was very young.
daydream Daughter could be a mite Hellish when she was young -
Granddaughter's makin' her Pay For Her Raisin' ... grin

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