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Take back Tuesday, the polls close today at 8 p.m. Pacific time,

California voters are heading to the polls on Sept. 14 to decide whether to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office.

As for the war in Afghanistan, 68% of those surveyed by Emerson pollsters said they believe the United States lost the war in Afghanistan, while 32% believe the U.S. won .In the blame game, the poll shows 49% think former President George W. Bush holds the most responsibility; 24% say Biden; 18% said former President Barack Obama; and 10% say former President Donald Trump

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that's going to be another epic Fustercluck,judging from the Info coming out of Kalifornikate!
Tyrants don't pay much attention to votes . Newsom won't be going anywhere .
Most of the majority is under covid and would prefer to die with covid.. It's a win win for America. Third generation immigrants lack discipline and would need to be controlled.

California is the number 1 covid death infested State, should we say more...

Keep California healthy. professor

If only they listen to Fauci ^^^

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Official Residents spread the covid and choose to be at fault!!!

Democrats are what drives this virus and numbers don't lie and voters are showing this in real time stats....

I'm on the east side and I smell smoke.
Tonight from The New York Times;

California is the most populated state in the US so the number of deaths will be higher.

By percentage, the number of deaths puts California midway between the highest and lowest states
China ^^^ has 1 billion and only has about 4800 deaths... I'm gonna

Even the tri state area was on a colision course in the very beginning.. I never thought NYC would get out from leading the most deceased. I could drive about 195 miles and I would be right in heavy hit areas. We're not out of this yet by far... I predict a very dramatic increase in mortality before years end...
Cali is the most screwed up state in the Union. Sane people are leaving by droves. They want to secede.. please cant we let them? I guess the leaches like their Gov. Tax high, charge high and hand it all out. Except what gets skimmed of course.doh
yet another honest,above-board ,untampered,Democrat-led Election in Cali!

Yeah, that election was 'stolen' also. roll eyes

In October 2020, California had 22,047,448 registered voters, comprising 87.87% of its total eligible voters. Of those registered voters, 10,170,317 (46.10 percent) were registered Democrats, 5,334,323 (24.20 percent) were Republicans and, 5,283,853 were No Party Preference (24.00 percent).
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