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The wheels of justice are slow, but they do matter.


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For complete article go to;
you are hot on the pulse of a corpse
@willie @crypt wait til this day next week when the Arizona audit report comes out
if Trump ends up winning, he has a hell of a mess to clean up
OMG ! There are STILL some people who actually think Trump has any chance of winning. laugh
there are still some people that believe the wheels aren't flat
Sorry Willy. Your post required some sort of log in to view it.
Since I wasn't able to determine what it was, I deleted it.
Please post it directly.
c - more like, there are still SOME people who think the Earth is flat. laugh
there are still some people who's mind has atrophied
I didn't see Trump's name in the obituary. dunno
Thanks for admitting that. comfort
Jim says "i know you are but what am i?" na nee na na boo boo
I try to communicate at the level at which I can be understood, so that things
don't go over the atrophied mind(s) of those who might be mentally eroded by the ridiculous
brainwashing of conspiracy b.s. You know like people who actually believed Q.
Someone like that, simply isn't likely to have good cognitive skills.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have been a sucker for that sort of crap.
Again (Willy), I didn't see Trump's name in the obituary. dunno
They haven't even prosecuted him.......yet.
if you are a specimen of the superior, just fill the cup up to the line and leave it on the shelf
I've done that many times, and you've proved incapable of getting a clue.
the unfortunate matter is that you're too slow
Hey, a 1 minute man is more your cup of tea. To each their own. dunno
Jim, talking to you is like being in a kindergarten lunch room
the elction won't be overturned even though some state level representatives in certain states, have mentioned getting their electoral votes back and just sitting on them.

you can google but you won't find any thing about any actual results. the spur for some states to actually create laws to uphold election integrity better; were fed by the 2020 fraudulent election. judges refused to hear cases and even changed laws that only the legislative branches were authorized to change in some areas.

so much more that won't be heard. meanwhile, the push back for audits have been so dramatic, there's no other explanation but fraud to be covered up. especially when dead voter rolls are suddenly "purged" AFTER election but not before.

example: voters being told they already voted when they show up in person to cast their vote?? california recall election. most likely tons of fraud there. the provisional ballots were likely not counted. with the type of state california is, most likely no one to represent since a large part of the population has been fleeing from the sorry state of things there.

as far as charges against trump in georgia"? the transcripts of the phone call have been released, along time ago, just as they were with his call to ukraine.

just like the russia collusion lie, nothing from nothing will yield nothing.

biden threatening state governors that won't succumb to his tyranny is okay though. not to mention what he's doing to the country and citizens while allowing our borders to remain weak and not so secure. have we mentioned what he's done for terrorism lately? where are those investigations? likely any state lawsuits pressed will be go better since actual evidence exists.

any one heard how the misadminsitration is cutting back certain medical supplies to florida? will any charges be pressed? investigations? not if demonrats have any say in it and they do.

i love how trump continues to trump them time again as they get caught in their lies. i don't like how so many feeeble minded people can happily betray their own country and citizens to support the destruction demonrats bring about while claiming orange man bad.

2024 is coming. i think a true awakening might happen in this midterm election cycle. if we can get past the demonrat cheating. Elder didn't in california.
Pelosi made America great again..

Where was Hannity when Trump spent most of his presidency, golfing, watching TV, taking vacations, or hiding in a bunker ???

Biden doesn't get a single weekend ???
Nor should the election be overturned.
The whole election being stolen lie was self proclaimed "dirty trickster"
Roger Stone's invention and Trump ran with it.
c - Perhaps. But, blame that on the level of intelligence (or lack thereof) that you participate at and thus, display. I merely reflect your level you initiate with. That's your level of communication. IF you can participate at something higher than that, it would be preferred. But, you haven't demonstrated than you are capable of such.
FREAKIN demoncrats break EVERY law in the book, make and break laws on the run, and then use a MICROSCOPE to trash those who dont conform to THEIR rules.
The US Constitution isn't merely "their rules".
Regardless, WHOEVER breaks the law should be prosecuted, no matter what political party.
NO ONE should be above the law.

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