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Our (unelected) Leaders Despise Americans (and our allies)

Lara Logan describes what is happening, and not happening, at the Southern border, in Afghanistan and elsewhere.
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Essentially, those in charge now, despise Americans and will cast our allies to the wolves.

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they view the country as disposable. they figure, at their ages, they'll be dead before the real suffering
.............................waiting for Snowy to define "Fascist"!rolling on the floor laughing

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rolling on the floor laughing
Try again Snowman!
No slynx, you bring filth and discord every time you appear. Each has their signature and those are yours.

"By their fruits, ye shall know them."

The guiding star for Americans has been the Constitution, and underlying that, morality and faith, for no amount of laws can restrain a godless people.

The Left has been the rallying point for all grievance groups because the Left's purpose has been societal rot and decay. To create an anarchy that they, themselves have created, them offer their totalitarian rule as saviors.

It's been the Left that, as Anarchists, they cultivated perversion and treasonous thoughts and actions, then as Moderns, then as Bolsheviks, then as Democrats, then as Liberals, then as Democratic Socialists, then as Progressives... always siding with America's enemies, whoever they were at the moment. Always changing their label, but the poison inside remains the same.

They've always been against America, the Constitution and against morality. They use lies, deception and misdirection.

"Diversity is Strength" which is an Orwellian lie. It's supposed to be, "out of many, one." But the Left imports adversity and domestic enemies.

History has proven this.

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