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Oh Hark, Hear the Trolls a-Whinging*

* Whinging = complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.

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(Stinky, obnoxious vagrant - trolls get ushered out of the Library. Polite, well-spoken debate is welcomed.)

Evidently, even though I keep largely to my own blogs, I live prominently and rent-free in the fevered minds of certain Incel simp trolls.

For some reason, the fact that *someone* cites to reporting they disagree with drives them up the wall.

And more to the point, the additional fact that their preferred communication-by-insult is not permitted by Real-Life, Library Rules of Adult Communication. But this, once again, is limited to my own blog.

Is it really that difficult to limit oneself to the Normal Rules of Civil Behavior?

If you said, in the physical presence of another, the things you often post from the safety of a distant keyboard, depending upon where you were, you'd invite a reasonable reaction like getting ejected from whatever establishment you were shooting your mouth off in, or, in the presence of manly men, a busted lip.

Is it that difficult to be polite and actually try to support your argument with plain facts?

They are free to create their own blogs and put forth their own arguments, supporting their position on their own blogs.

Homosexual activists would often lisp: "if you don't like Gay Marriage, don't get Gay Married." Or, for those from the Left Coast America, publishing obscene materials, would tell offended Americans, 'If you don't like it, change the channel.'

Well, it's time the Left followed its own rules.

If you don't like the news reporting cited in certain blogs (I'm sure I'm not the only one, as there are quite a few, well-informed Posters besides me) don't read them.

Move along.

Have a nice day.

And, of course, Decaf.
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You vixen!
What is your legal stand on photoshopping other members profile pictures.

I was adament that only CS have that right (or not)
to use any "unaltered" pics I post on their site.
Other members have no rights to this.
Actually it is legally media harassment in the U S .

Let's see ,we had you posted onto several if I remember correctly, as well as Orchid and I.

What we have posted was only memes,vids and media stock pics as other members do.
Going offline.
In that regard, I would actually like a CS moderator's response too.

Plenty of commy blogs to take part on . Go there , be happy , make others happy .
Oh my,Harby went into the Larder!laugh
Well you guys are always saying that if 'commies' don't like a blog they should ignore it and create their own. Well yesterday I did exactly that and yet now it has disappeared, presumably after a complaint by the very people who told me to set up my own blogs!
you have to look after our blog , trouble and it's boom . I was wondering what happened to it , thought you may have hidden it .
No epirb I didn't delete it and it had the makings of a very fair debate, robust but fair. Someone here must be very much in favour with the gods (mods) at the moment.
Shit happens , I lost a good one , one bit of agro I let slide and poof . May have gone ruff after you logged off . I'm out of here .wave
That's possible yes.
I had nothing to do about disappearing your whinging blog.

As far as I'm concerned, you vagrants can complain all you like to each other in your back-alley blogs and drink cheap booze out of bottles wrapped in paper bags.

Why that one disappeared is anyone's guess. I actually thought it was good to have up there to illustrate your own mindset.

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