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CDC recommendations

CDC recommendations, highly influenced by crime boss Dr Fauci (WHO is in bed with Bill Fakes), have new guidelines in place.
i found this leaflet under my windshield wipers while i was shopping at my local strip mall.
according to this new literature, a fabric mask IS NOT enough to protect yourself or others against the Covid 19 DELTA/DEADLY virus.

folklore spread throughout the land that double masking was enough. IT'S NOT. there have been documented cases that merely being fearful of the VIRUS can transmit the germs. some believe the wive's tail that the VIRUS can be transmitted through Whatsap or other online mediums. scientists have proven this IS the case. to ensure the safety of yourself and others, the CDC and Godfather Dr Fauci highly urge the greater population to be photographed, ONLY IF A MASK IS WORN. data shows, backed up by the WHO, that viewing the bare face of a human makes the eyeballs vulnerable to the DELTA SCOURGE.

Wannabe Dr. Bill Fakes of the Bill Fakes Foundation has a special offer for the first 100 callers. Free shipping for BOGO's

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Comments (82)

cool mask
does it come with some stamina supplements? grin
Dedo, isn't protecting others above yourself enough?
Sure, sure, i just assumed that everyone wants to go with a Bang laugh
Dedo, CDC says put on a shirt rolling on the floor laughing

People like you need to be pointed out for blatant slander! Detestable you!
for someone as "intelligent" as you, Farto, google "satire"
give your brain some time to process
You wrote it or reproduced it but claim it is satire? No it is your published opinion. You are a creep of the first order.
i wrote it. i don't plagiarize.

i know you teach English, but here's a clue:


the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
"the crude satire seems to be directed at the fashionable protest singers of the time"
a play, novel, film, or other work which uses satire.
plural noun: satires
"a stinging satire on American politics"
vulgar slangpiss-take
a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.
@op to people with eyes you stand (yet again) condemned by your words. A list of synonyms does nothing to remedy. Some people here are truly loathsome, most of them are male, but you more or less belong too.
maybe a refresher course in English before "teaching"
@op but then who am I? this is merely my published opinion and I express it openly.
i think i read somewhere-two days ago
Australia recommends wearing a mask whilst skyping - I assumed it was a joke
oh how wrong i were laugh
i wouldn't want to read your unopen version
Dedo, are you sure it wasn't skiing?
@op When you can teach me English the Sun will indeed revolve around the Earth as the Centre of the universe. As I have said or expressed before, I do not respect you.
Farto, it's a blissful thing that i can go on living without your respect
@op so farto is your kind of riposte, your wit? Shall I designate you henceforth 'crappedton' - is that appropriate, or equally childish? That other long gone idiot used to use 'fagot' but intended 'faggot', his Germlish being not quite up to the mark.
call me whatever you want. it's not like i want to be friends or anything
you are a bit gassy though
@op no we were never going to be friends, Drop the name calling, and I will. I don't need or want to fight with you, but if you write Fauci or Gates garbage I will call you to heel. When you speak garbage I will loudly say 'Garbage' - that will be pretty often! Got it?
i didn't ask you to comment and i don't think Fauci and Fakes needs an enforcer
Haha a blog ipso facto invites comments - most of mine have none, so what does that say!? Yes you did invite my comments and you got them, and will continue to get them when what you write is worthy of response. What you wrote here needs contradiction, it was rubbish! Satire!? Come off it!
keep throwing your weight around. i'm off for lunch.

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Weight? Not much.
Imagine - someone says to you:
Hey, could I introduce you to this woman
She's stroppy
- no problem
She doesn't really like men, maybe some
- no problem
She's stroppy
- you already said that
No, she's really stroppy
- Ok got that
If you disagree with her you are an a**hole
- ah that's difficult - disagreements should be negotiable
They are not
- ah then thats a no, really, isn't it!
do you hear voices?
Welcome to how my morning was.
National Trolling Americans Week!
Do their calendar weeks begin on Sunday,
oh then again, they are already on Monday.
rolling on the floor laughing
You know I don't believe these trolls they are Aussies,just a default setting for ?! Russia.

rolling on the floor laughing
CDC did post an announcement while I was in shirt to put your shirts back on....and ties too. laugh
I have a nice tie now
CDC says think thin if you want to lose weight too
Similar: FAVS *
vulgar slang piss-take

Pretty much covers my blogging.
those concepts are foreign to foreigners i learned
Masks might be effective for robberies and criminal activities or the gimp mask for the kinky types...but no good protecting you from air bourn viruses no matter how many you weardoh
Case in point .
Trolls don't wear anything!
Lee, i thought you were smarter than this doh
What day is it in Wales and are you celebrating Trolling Americans Week there?
Burlesque Lee!! Get, twirl, drop it..
No fling it!!!
Just the tie!!! blushing
swing it! not the tie

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