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Let´s Ring The Bells... Again!

And bring peace, love and harmony to this world of chaos .....starting from here and now!

This beautiful song was written in 1992 by a dear poet songwriter/singer, and a dear “spiritual friend of mine”, who unfortunately passed away 5 years ago.
However, his songs will continue living in us, and “Ring the Bells” (Anthem) has been sung all over the world since his death. RIP dear Leonard.

The idea of this song was about “imperfection”. Perfection is never found in our life, work, marriage, our country etc. As he said, “there is a crack in everything”, meaning nothing and nobody is flawless but, “that´s where the light gets in”, meaning that weakness can become strength and fault becomes a virtue. And, why go searching for light when the light already shines from us?

He also explained that it´s about finding the silver lining in every situation – good and bad.

The overall message is about mankind not being perfect, but still being able to take on the challenge of life. This is a message of HOPE and to see the goodness in ALL.

This is the link to that beautiful song - if someone can download it, please?

smile daisy

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Sorry, I forgot to change the settings.
Comments are now allowed.

I wish to thank the hpy lady for posting my favourite Lenny's songs.
Very inspiring message, Dan. It’s so true about finding the silver lining in every situation. I think that this message is needed in the world more than ever at the present time. It’s also really needed here on the blogs. It’s time to stop attacking others, call a truce and radiate love, peace and harmony to all.
How true Shel. Thanks for being You. teddybear

Did you listen to the song? Very nice lyrics..and music.
Hpylady downloaded it on her blog.
Thanks Dan for being such a beacon of light. Yes, it’s a lovely song. Really moving lyrics. I was able to listen to it on Hpylady’s Blog. But, the link you provided doesn’t seem to be working. The message that came up was - the video contains content from BBC Studios, which has blocked it on copyright grounds.
Oh..I didn't realise it couldn't be open

Do you think you could download here the one Hpy lady downloaded?
Such a beautiful song..smitten

It is a beautiful song. Maybe some kind person will be able to download it. Technology is not my thing, so I don’t actually know how to do it.
Sorry Shel, I thought you were a tech person. dunno

Apparently, you´re supposed to write the link down below in the Youtube box but... you need to add something???help
I've had several attempts but...not working!

I wished they had instructions here?
Hello Dan
Yes, I know it’s quite frustrating. It would help to have clear instructions. It may be easy for those that are tech buffs, but I find it quite challenging, too.
Where are all the gallant warriors (men or women) who can step in and help a damsel in distress? Maybe, they’re all in hiding.
Good morning Shel wave

"Gallant warriors", hey?

Maybe Bo will come to the rescue? help
How sweet of you hpylady. teddybear

I wish I knew how to do it myself. I need lessons?
ah my favourite man for the best songs. Will never stop playing him, i hope he can hear is following teddybear
Hello Red..
You mean Lenny, the great poet and song writer is also your favourite man? wow

He has been mine for years, ever since I met him on the Isle of Wight.
His music is always living in me and touches me right to my soul.

He certainly had a lot of charisma in his later years. love

You ought to hear "the window"..smitten are you feeling now?
Hope you've recovered?
I will update this blog with more videos...
As soon as I receive one-to-one instructions from a dear friend.
Hi Dani, you had mentioned never hearing this song, enjoy hug

Oh..but I have now, since when I last mentioned. wink

(I recall it being in the middle of the night..? confused )

Anyway, Benny, thanks for posting!hug
When we chatted I mentioned this song.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly dancing
Hi again Benny..
I know the song "Long black veil" but by Johnny Cash and Joan Baez, but never Mick.

Anyway, thanks for posting.

I'm now waiting for instructions? wink
Hi Chancer...
Are you speaking to me? confused
Dan, I like him! Miserable sounding at times but very classic - he was way before my time musically.

How sweet of you Avo.
I like this song too with Judy Collins.

He was a very depressed man but very humble, and was doing some soul searching all his life..
I think he finally found it just before he died, 5 years ago.
No worries. Depression can also be an inspiration and can produce creative offerings. Thanks for the introduction to Leonard Cohen! It's not that he's miserable - I just need a tea break... laugh
Yes, I know that depression can be inspirational as it comes from deep within your soul.

To quote one of Lenny's..
"If I knew where all the good songs came from, I'd go there more often".
Lovely thought. smitten

Btw I like your poem about your mum.
I can relate to that.
Yep Leonard was always a good man for me his poetry and singing always turned me onblushing

Yep thanks Dan am feeling much better but the after affects from second jab still with me. Docs now that i got to see one reckon it was a coincidence. doh I nearly asked him to research the internet, it does give some info on extreme reactions after second jab after 2 week break.

I am not a doc laugh laugh laugh
Hmmm..coincidence Red?
That's what they all say!

Anyway, take it easy...have your tea and other potions and listen to lovely music to relax.
What do your sons advise you to do?
to do just what you said, enjoy my life and give up the fight confused very mad NEVER laugh
I know you're a fighter Red!
Maybe hugging a few trees will re-energize you?
Yep Dan i hugged a few on my walk this morning ------ it was their request grin and boy oh boy do i feel better.

The clammier on my walk was a bit disconcerting though yay they were all shouting me me me laugh
Glad to see that the trees helped, Red.

I could do with a few to hug too - trees and else! wink

But...the palm trees are not the type one can hug.dunno
I still don´t know how to post a video, in spite of some instructions from my friend Palm, and also Grand who gave instructions on his blog.

Above example:

1. Do I need to delete the https:// before inserting the bracket [/ ?????

2. Where do I insert the end bracket ] after ?????

3. What about if I want to post the link below in the YOUTUBE box? (it´s supposed to be easier?)

I would really appreciate it if someone could guide me step by step.... please? bowing
Thank you. teddybear
Yes they are people who inspire us through life some still here and some passed in to the next life, so lovely to hear your connection with Leonard how he has inspired you they help us understand the beauty of life

Derry heart wings
Wow..hello to you too my spiritual friend.wave

It's true, some people do inspire us to write poetry about them...or a book even.

Lenny had many muses for that.
Almost all his songs were about women...and religions.
Quite a few people have also inspired me during the course of my life, and have written a few poems about them too.

But animals - especially horses - have really touched my soul.

See my last blog/poem "Whispers in the wind" about the horses I used to work with.sad flower
((((((((((Ahem, Insert Leonard Miserable Bastard Cohenlaugh )))))))))))))

wine (Great Song!)

Hey Avo... how nice to see you here. wave

Nice video. Thanks.
"miserable bastard"??? Watch it, at this moment he is stirring in his grave - or wherever he is? grin
He might come back to haunt you for the rest of your life! wink

E U R E K A !!!!
Not again!! doh

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