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Is it ignorance to say the covid vaccine is not an actual vaccine?

Factual article from the FT news

“There’s no such thing as a perfect vaccine?.?.?.?with Covid it’s no different,” said Professor William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. The yellow fever jab, for example, is widely understood to be the most effective live-virus vaccine ever invented, with a single dose generating long-lasting immunity in 98 per cent of those vaccinated. But even that means that on average 2 per cent of people will still get infected.

Phase 3 trials for most of the leading Covid-19 jabs showed an efficacy against symptomatic infection of more than 90 per cent. Real-world studies of effectiveness in the UK, Israel and Canada suggest that vaccines are displaying a slightly lower effectiveness outside of the trial environment, probably because of the spread of the more vaccine-resistant Delta variant. Estimates put protection against symptomatic infection, depending on the vaccine, at between 60-90 per cent. According to Public Health England, about 17 per cent of the 105,598 Delta variant cases reported across England in the four weeks to July 19 were among fully vaccinated people. PHE counts people as fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose.

Anthony Masters, a member of the UK’s Royal Statistical Society, said fully vaccinated people were likely to make up a “bigger proportion” of cases as vaccine coverage was extended, particularly in younger groups who face a higher exposure risk because of greater social mixing. “If you get extremely high coverage across the different ages, it’s plausible that cases could become majority among fully vaccinated people,” he said. About 55 per cent of the UK population had received both doses by July 21. In Israel, where nearly 60 per cent of the population are fully vaccinated and coverage is spread more evenly across age cohorts, 52 per cent of about 6,000 people who tested positive in the week to July 21 were fully vaccinated. Are some fully vaccinated people at more risk of falling ill than others? Very few fully vaccinated people who test positive for Covid-19 are getting seriously ill. According to PHE’s real-world studies, the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine is still 96 per cent effective against hospital admission, while the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot is 92 per cent effective. But Natalie Dean, a biostatistics professor at Emory University in Atlanta, stressed that these figures were averages and that efficacy depended on people’s existing risk profiles. “Everything is relative when it comes to vaccines and risk,” she said. A Financial Times analysis of global infection fatality rates, for example, suggests that a double-jabbed 80-year-old person now faces about the same mortality risk as an unvaccinated 50-year-old.”

Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body's immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

This is exactly what the Covid vaccine does, it boosts immunity against the covid virus-producing anti-bodies that can and do reduce the serious effect the virus can produce in those unvaccinated.

Some ignorant people cite Israel as an example of the vaccine failing due to the high number of people tested as having covid and also vaccinated, but logically if the majority of the population are vaccinated then of course those tested positive will be vaccinated.

About two-thirds of people who die on UK roads are wearing a seatbelt, but this is a consequence of usage rates of nearly 99 per cent, so using the Non-vaccine logic this means wearing a seat belt causes death.

The Covid vaccine was designed to reduce infection, IT DOES THAT
The Covid vaccine was designed to reduce hospitalisation, IT DOES THAT
The Covid vaccine was designed to reduce deaths, IT DOES THAT

The Covid vaccine is proven to work[/b

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Interesting blog! As I understand it, an anti-viral vaccine is an attenuated virus or virus particle, that's put into the body to facilitate an immune response, without actually harming the host too much. This enables our immune system in the future, to recognise a real virus and protect us from it.

The Pfizer/Biotech Covid-19 "vaccine" comprises a relatively harmless mRNA segment (of the Covid-19 spike protein) that enables our body to manufacture (briefly), more of this portion of the spike protein, which our immune response can remember to attack should we ever catch the real Covid-19.

So yes, to me the Pfizer/Biotech vaccine is in fact a vaccine in every sense, just that it's a virus particle template, not a complete particle.

Note Distinction between VACCINES vs mRNA CORONAVIRUS TREATMENTS - uncertain

The Legal Definition of "Vaccine" was likely expanded to include mRNA Treatment to Immunize Big Pharma from Liability for Any & All Adverse Events associated with The Jabs.

Without the Immunity from Liability -
It's doubtful drug companies would've agreed to Produce the mRNA Treatments.

Mic, if 100 % of the population were vaccinated then any and all deaths relating to covid would be 100% those vaccinated.
If 100 % of the population were unvaccinated then any and all deaths relating to covid would be 100% those unvaccinated.

The point being, that in the first scenario they are few deaths. Whereas the second scenario would have a vast number of deaths.

Understand now?
To the uninformed:

The recommended time between shots was 6 (??) to 12 weeks. This was to allow the first shot time to play it's part and reach it's full potential of say 35% (??). Then the 2nd shot was to be given after 12 weeks would build onto the first to bring immunity up to 70%(??).


Israel jumped the gun. They left only 3 weeks between shots. This meant that they might as well have only given one shot bringing immunity up to approx. only 40% (??).

They are now rushing to give the booster shot which is effectively only the second shot. Furthermore the time between shots is now way over the recommended 12 weeks,. So don't expect a silver bullet yet.

Therefore don't blame the Vaccine.


We have had crowded stadiums for the all Ireland football and hurling finals. The number of new reported cases has not increased, it has decreased. We are 90% vaccinated. We have an average of 60 people in intensive care at any one time, they are the 'Awake / Aware'. Check all this out any way you like, these are Facts.
Mic, I can't for the life of me see why people are saying Israel is a new hotspot confused yesterday they had 15 deaths, times that by 33 (approx) to make it the size of the US comes to 495, the US yesterday had 2,228 deaths, so why is Israel a hotspot?
Actual Vaccines can and Have Been developed which confer Durable Immunity against Viral Diseases - e.g. ... cowboy
Riz, " Is it ignorance to say the covid vaccine is not an actual vaccine?"

Seems to me the word should be desperate, having no actual facts to back up what they're saying they resort to using either numbers that don't add up, try to cast doubt on authenticity/safety of the vaccine, try to infer countries with the highest vaccine rates are the worst off etc etc, when all that fails they resort to calling anyone who posts reality a smelly rodent, I've been called worse on here in the past rolling on the floor laughing
Agreed handshake
The mRNA Treatment Jabs Significantly reduce or eliminate Severe Symptoms among The Jabbed. They've succeeded in Doing that of which they are Capable.
That's a GOOD Thing ... thumbs up

They Do Not confer IMMUNITY - (Especially against the Delta Variant) ..
Which was Previously the Legal Definition of a Vaccine.

The definition of "Vaccine" was changed circa 2020 to say Vaccines provide "Protection" against a disease - Presumably to cover the Covid mRNA Treatments.
And thus Immunize Big Pharma from from Legal Liability for Adverse Events.

*Vast Numbers Of Deaths ...
roll eyes

I read a post on another blog referencing Michael Yeadon as a reliable source for anti vax information so I searched his name and found this:

It seems that Pfizer closed his department and let him go. I thought it was strange that they didn't transfer him to another department, considering his status. If you read the full article you will see what happened. However after forming his own company and being bought out by Novartis his supposed new wonder drug failed and Novartis took a hit of $485 million.

It would seem that he was a fraud from the beginning. He probably resented Pfizer for letting him go and got revenge, at the expense of a sizable amount of the world population. Seems like he had a real mental problem. But every fairy tale has a happy ending so I suppose he has found comfort in being a part of a large group of like minded people.
Still a major problem with the article. for some reason, only select areas keep track of how many have had one or maybe their second shot and ended up hospitalized before the 14 day period(s).

so people can still have more b.s. shoved down their throats with no actual data or knowledge being given that would be more pertinent than just take it.

who's accountable for all that goes wrong for people that become ill or worse from the "vaccine?"

the timing of the "vaccines?", and the spikes in covid cases seem to converge about the same time.

i haven't seen much actual science being used. only what they want to push. science would have ongoing studies of all sides and things covid related. media and reports only push what they want.

what about people that have already had it? natural anti-bodies are miles better than the risky experimental needle being forced on people. speedily fda approved. you're just a statistic as cdc still denies being able to link any deaths to the "vaccine?". even though you might have been fine until the shot(s) were taken.

to trust government in any direction on this, is also more than risky. as long as people are able to choose, it's not as large of a matter. when people are forced, there's a bigger matter than we know and the virus is the least thing we should be worried about.

90% effective or better against hospitalization? how many had at least one shot or even the second? anything under 14 days for any thing puts you in the un-vaxxed list.
Heard on a Recent interview program the differences between versions of The Jabs.
(No link)
Pfizer & Moderna are mRNA (aka Mr. Na laugh )
J&J-Janssen & A-Z are Adenovirus Vaccines.

Here's Good Basic info on the differences ...
J&J VAX INFO ... ??

I b'lieve our esteemed OP has brought this up on previous blogs -
I don't recall if reference was Specifically made to Adenovirus Vaxes vs mRNA.

Interestingly, the definition of "Vaccine" was modified in '15 (the time of the Ebola Epidemic) to read "produce IMMUNITY" (presumably referring to Adenovirus) and again Recently modified to read "Produce PROTECTION" (presumably referring to mRNA).

Based on the info -
I'd regard Adenovirus as more of a conventionally defined Vaccine than mRNA ... IMO.

Some of y'all's results may vary ... dunno

A Helluva Lot MORE'N BASIC Discussion of Types of Jabs ...
professor cowboy
DECEMBER 2020 Really? So much has been learnt and changed since then that anything less than a month old is not worth reading with regards to Covid and the Covid vaccines.
The article Broadly discusses the Differences in Four vaccine Types -
Starting with the type developed by Edward Jenner for smallpox in 1796.

The General nature the article's info keeps it as useful Now as when it was Published.

It's akin to explaining the General Differences between Android & iPhone, Analog & Digital TV.or Carburators & Fuel Injection.

Note the Title - Vaccines 101 - Implying Introductory, General/Foundational info.

A cautionary tale from Donegal (Ireland):
A 75 year old man was persuaded by a group of anti vacc loons to leave hospital despite strong advice from his doctors to remain. The loons convinced the man that the hospital was trying to kill him.

He left the hospital, became very ill a few days later and was re-admitted, it was too late however and he died soon after re-admittance.

The law should clamp down on these loons.
Lynx -
I know of two Similar instances (minus the Loons).

Son's father-in-law appeared to be recovering (pre-jab availability) was sent home to recover, relapsed & died Very Quickly.

A woman's 36 yo daughter appeared to be recovering & spoke with her Mom by phone.
Two hours later, the woman's other daughter called to tell the woman that she'd relapsed & was dead.

Suspect this is Why so Many people died in NY nursing homes early on.
They appeared to be recovering, were discharged to nursing homes to recuperate, relapsed & died.

That occurred Early in the Pandemic & likely Seemed the Proper thing to do At The Time.

I had Relatively mild symptoms early on - Later felt like I was Suffocating -
But felt Little/No chest congestion.

Such Rapid deaths & my Lack of congestion lead me to suspect the cause was micro-clots of blood preventing O2 transfer from the lungs to the blood stream ...


I'm aware of folks who would be Wary of hospitalization if diagnosed with Covid.

One opted to treat rather Severe Covid symptoms @ home & recovered.

It's a Weird Disease & people hold Differing Positions on both Prevention & Treatment.
All can cite anecdotal cases to Support their respective positions.


Debating with you is a pleasure. handshake

While I take your general point about anecdotes I believe that overall the truth that emerges usually discredits the anti-vaccers.
tip hat lynx!

I figure this is more Discussion than Debate.
Whatever -
Point Made & Taken cheers

daydream Ginger Cancer Daughter was a Forensics Speech & Debate State Champion.
She'd practice on me - THAT was Debate, lemme tell y'all!! ... laugh:

The Jabbed may develop Mild/No Symptoms -
But Spread the Virus "Unwittingly" i.e. without Showing it or Knowing it ... cowboy
Meant for another blog ... blushing
The Covid was designed!
Prove it.
That's the BEAUTY of Bio-Weapons - Credible Deniability.

All weapons can be proved, so saying you can't prove a bioweapon is just an excuse to push an unsubstantiated lie, I'm surprised an intelligent guy like Mic condoning such a lie.

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