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French virologist Luc Montagnier, statement is false and quoted out of context As reported at RAIR.

Why would anyone purporting to be helping people say "Bombshell" as a headline suggesting more false stories about more deaths due to a vaccine, unless paid to spread lies and disinformation?

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Fully Vaccinated Half As Likely To Catch Delta Covid Variant And Less Likely To Infect Others, Study Finds

Three times as many unvaccinated people tested positive for Covid-19 than those who had been fully vaccinated, the REACT study found, with all positive samples analyzed indicating an infection with the delta Covid-19 variant.

Once other factors are taken into account, the study, which is based on data from over 98,000 swab tests taken between June 24 and July 12 and has not yet been peer reviewed, indicates full vaccination halves the risk of catching Covid-19 caused by the delta variant.

Fully vaccinated people who were infected with the virus tended to have less severe illness than unvaccinated people and seemed to have smaller amounts of virus in samples, the researchers added, meaning they may be less likely to pass it on if they are infected.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the research program running the study, said the findings confirm “previous data showing that both doses of a vaccine offer good protection against getting infected,” but show there “is still a risk of infection among the fully vaccinated.”

The researchers estimated that two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine are 49% effective at preventing infection with the delta variant, in line with recent data from Israel and much lower than previous estimates.

From Forbes.
Yeah right, I'm supposed to take medical advice from someone who thinks that a dust mask will protect him from a virus. Yeah right. Have you ever bothered to find out how incredibly small a virus is? Even the CDC said that dust masks won't stop a virus. Fauchi said the same until the Democrats told him to say otherwise. This whole mask thing is about control and not safety. WAKE UP PEOPLE...
I'm not giving any medical advice.

However, the mask has been proven to reduce infecting others should the wearer have covid unknowingly.

Some of us are considerate to others.

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