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Conventional electric bass playing uses the extended fingers to pluck the strings the same way an upright (concert double bass) is played from generations ago. 'Slap' is a more recent style of bass guitar playing that involves a downward striking the lower pitched strings (slap) with the thumb. The player's hand is cupped to upwardly pluck the higher pitched strings with the index, middle and ring fingers creating a syncopated rhythm. The slap effect has a brighter sound than normal playing and makes the bassist stand out sonically.

That said... I've been following an Italian musician, Davide Biale who runs a YouTube channel by the handle Davie504. He does a variety of videos that support SLAP.
Extremely popular, his channel has 9.77 million subscribers and his videos get millions of plays. Davie is talented, comical, informative and many other things. Distorted face effects, rain for sadness, sparks of energy when the users slap him to make things happen are typical in his videos. So is the click-bait and challenges with other YouTubers. His signature video sign-off is a slap followed by a few seconds of 'emotional support' to pretend he's listening to the viewer and offering advice.

One of my favorite videos is his solo slap performance with chords and tapping style. I know he plays piano and guitar very well, he downplays this as bass is the only 'real' instrument in the world. This is the 'raw' solo version. There are a few videos with other musicians adding flavor to his bass track.

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Enter pianist extraordinaire Sangah Noona who takes Davie's video and adds a totally upscale flavor to it!

Nguy?n H?u Hoàng aka Trianglory
Does his version with visualizer. As Davie would say "Epico"

Special characters don't print correctly.
The guy's name is Nguyen Huu Hoang from Korea.
She plays nice piano. However, not extraordinair.

This however is;

She's an immigrant from South Korea who practices 5 to 7 hours a day on many different musical styles. That jam with Davie was tight as thought they had performed together for years.

Her introduction wasn't intended as a contest to every other pianist.

Outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.
Weird right hand stuff! fingers flying everywhere!
... like spider fingers and exaggerated hand curl

Mr Cool Guitar singing but nowhere near as cool as the guitar - what Gretsch is this with the five unevenly placed slots at the top guitar body left?

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