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Seventh heaven pls bowing

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Was chatting on the phone with my sister this morning and just before we hung up she said she's been getting the strangest wake up calls these past four mornings in a row. Go on I said, throw them my way and I'll make of them in my most strange ways as I normally do.

she first went on to say, she knows she's not dreaming and nor either is it the effects of her meds.
Normally when she wakens, her eyes open but she never rises to a new day, that task normally takes an hour or two but these past four mornings, she's been woken by a knocking on her door, another two/three knocks whilst she struggles down her stairs, yet when she opens it... no one is there.

Because it's another month and again we're approaching the 7th, my eyes turn upwards not only to God but mother also, take the badge that burdens her, hear her knocking, as she does agus oscail an doras " enough" mumbling

To skip through the day......
Earlier this afternoon I rang her again, she didn't pick up but sent a short txt instead... ring you later its that knocking again and perhaps you're right big sister, with what you said earlier.

I later found out I was right with how I seen and believed it and she knew it too when she looked into the eyes and recognized it was heaven knocking.

Dear God, if we all knew....
then there would be no mystery in the ways you work.
So thank you and thank Ma'ma too... bowing angel

Dear God ...
I'm beginning to wonder at this stage are you making it a Christmas tradition of yours, to take one of mine.

Why ever your reason, thank you though after much asking, for allowing mother through to bring and carry her youngest home.

3.45 this morning my youngest sister thankfully, finally took her last breath....
unlike my other two sisters I myself had not been able to sit stay the night with them in hospice, but a little after 3.15 am they rang ... I had just landed sat beside her said what ever, just like that... she was gone.

I like to think she waited for me, actually, I'll correct that... she did.

she's home now, no longer pained by scars but held by them instead....
and back home once more with mother for Christmas angel angel

But how I shall miss you though Roisin rose rose rose

sad flower
Sometimes words are meaningless when it comes to loss sadness and heartache. Would've been great if life had an emotions/memories on off switch.
Im sure that most/many of the genuine member's thoughts are with you itchy.
I'm so sorry for your loss
Thinking about you Itchy and that you had to say goodbye to your sister.
Yes, you will miss her but you are also happy that she is out of pain and now is in a better place,
someday you will meet with her again.
Keep only the happy memories Itchy...............
For your sister, may she rest in peace violin
I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby sister. There should be some relief in no longer having to watch her suffer. When we lose loved ones over the holidays it is so hard to have a holiday spirit in future holidays, at least it is for me. I personally hate the holidays and its commericalism and the fact so many people will lose loved ones.
sad flower can,t say much more Itchy its very sad lets hope she got some comfort thinking her mother was with her. who am i to say she was,nt

You take care yourself in these hard times for you. My thoughts always with you

(grin sparing partner) doh teddybear
FEELING FOR YOU comfort comfort
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