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I went to make an ooey gooey cheese sauce because a good sauce can be used to make many things taste better. I watched a you tube video for an easy sauce using 1 teaspoon of sodium citrate in broth. I don't know what sodium citrate is but I bought it and tried twice to make this easy cheese sauce. I only made an ugly cheese glob, a very tasty glob mind you. Not experimenting with that sodium citrate anymore.

My bro and BFF that he married both love dill pickles so I wanted to coat pickles in cheese and fry them - that didn't turn out so good either. I should be able to make taco shells from cheese but what I end up making is NOT a taco shell dammit. Whatever my end result is, it is edible and tasty but not a crunchy taco shell.

A taco truck was hanging out for months in front of my community and the other day I decided after 8 months on not eating anything processed - I was going to stop at that taco truck on my way home and buy a taco. When I got home - the truck was gone, had no clue it was going to move or where it went. I was having a bad day that day.

I'm on a mission to eat a really good taco.
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I'm on a mission to eat a really good taco.

Is that possible?

The recipe above is for a cheddar crisp....I'll bet you could shape them when they're warm into a taco shell shape? You would probably need to make them a bit larger than the recipe says.
Happy Cooking!!
Tacos ... meh yawn


Fay you can make easy easy healthy delicious taco's..Forget Youtube just have fun using your own imagination..Trial & error pays off
Ooey Gooey Cheese Sauce ...

1) Get Velveeta® - 300 lb. wow for a Texas get together ... REALLY!!
2) Melt it.
3) Throw it out - It'll KILL you ...

(Also includes info on use of sodium citrate.)

the secret to any good cheese sauce or dish is to use a good cheese and not processed cheese ,,good cheeses are the likes of cheddar or most european cheeses , american cheese is mostly processed so not ideal for tasty cheese dishes, also check out either uk or european recipes as there is a huge difference ,,,hope that helps ,,,
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