I turned news off. I did not talk or chat to a sole. I went walking and hugged a few trees. grin Did not need to wear a mask, roll eyes did not need to ask them if they had the jab and were covid free.laugh

I talked to the birds but that does not count they cheeped back about Autumn coming and some even said they were flying to warmer climates. THEY did not need covid passport laugh

So all in all good day peace
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You didn't chat to a sole?..I will have to call you Max rolling on the floor laughing

I hope you're doing well lovely hug
In this world we are living in its senseless to try and please everyone and only the dumb use revenge to satisfy old wounds. Sounds like you have no 'hangups'laugh thumbs up
a bit of positivity...never does anyone any harmwow
Sounds like a lovely day.
Good on ya Red, nice to here that some people actually get out and about.. instead of complaining about everything in the news... thumbs up
It's been a decent day here as well. Started out rainy but by this afternoon, nice and sunny although a bit chilly.
My granddaughters just returned home from school to help me finish making "people chow". We made a bit of a mess but had loads of fun and of course deliciousness grin Nothing beats a bit of chex cereal, melted butter, melted peanut butter and melted chocolate chips all coated in powdered sugar! So a good day! Off to make dinner!
Glad you enjoyed your day as well!
Hello Red,
Had a lovely day too walking my dogs on the beach.
No trees to hug but a few people instead.smitten

And..even better...my piano teacher is back.
And we hugged and kissed too...and had a lovely music session.love

Have a nice weekend. teddybear
wave hi Merc i was fishing on the net to find soul or sole as in single laugh

Yep am well and hope you are too teddybear
Miclee by they are BIG animals to try and chat too laugh laugh but love them anyway teddybear
Hi Luke some would say i have many that is why i keep moving laugh Hangups that is. grin pull ups now that is a different matter i have many laugh laugh
Lee you are so so right too much doom and gloom around these days so the walking does it for me grin no-one argues with me

Stay safe teddybear
Blue it was and i have had or having another today cheering cheering

Take care teddybear
Butcher news for me comes on for a short while as i di like to see what is happening around the globe, but then the button is pressed off and i go walking dancing

Take care teddybear
Kpthatsme what better way to spend time and that does sound delish too teddybear
wow wow Dan that is news i would love to hear--------hug hugging on the beach ???? tell all. Piano teacher too, come on now share the hugs Pel-ease lucky girl teddybear stay safe teddybear
Hey Red...no hanky panky scold

I hug 2 women I knew on the beach..
As for Pedro the piano teacher, he came to my house and....smile
Nice to know you are enjoying life and also taking in a bit of fresh air .
You know I cannot remember when last I turn on the tv in my house .
Someone was asking me why I bought a tv if I don't put it on ?
Only today they opened the beaches from ( 5 ) am to ( 7 ) pm , we are still on a state of emergency to prevent covid and people are still dying .
Dan and what day that teacher play a tune on laugh laugh
Oh Ann this virus has disrupted the whole world, and when you think its gone it comes back in different form. blues

Anyways i decided to stay safe and walk in the wild sidelaugh and really take in the outside world . it lifted my spirits no end.
Stay safe teddybear
Here the media are too busy with the volcano 24/7 that they have forgotten all about covid. grin

Anyway...today is movie time on TV.applause

Have a nice day! teddybear
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