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If not Traitor Joe, then Who's in Charge?

Even in his younger years, Joe Biden was a congenital liar, a groper, a sniffer and served mostly himself (and now his Chi-Com masters), rather than the Americans he supposedly represented. Now, it's abundantly clear that Joe's brain is well past its sell-by date. If he's not in charge, then who is?

No sooner than he seized power he set about the task of sabotaging the country -- destroying our energy independence, implementing job-killing measures, inviting in an unending stream of Third World dregs, the Afghanistan atrocity of abandoning thousands of Americans and erstwhile allies to the Taliban hyenas... the list goes on. If you puposely wanted to dismantle America, you would do exactly what he's been doing.

The man can't put together a cogent sentence but does refer to those who tell him what he can and cannot do. These circumstances indicate that Joe Biden, -- in addition to all his other failings -- is someone else's puppet.

Tucker asks Glenn Greenwald what he thinks:

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Comments (31)

Just so you are aware: I detest every word you utter! I almost vomit when I see your latest utterances. Perhaps you knew already, but now you know for sure. Vermin!
Ol' Joes Approval Rating's hit a Low of 38 - Why is That number Significant?

Hint - For all the Leftie Marxists parroting, "Trump's The Worst Prez EVVERRR!!" ...
Records are made to be Broken - & Ol' Joe still has 2 1/2 months to Plummet.

Consider Also -
The MSM was on The Don's áss like White On Rice.
The MSM is doing its Damnedest to have us B'lieve Ol' Joe's NOT a Senile Sock Monkey Puppet.

Fargo might want to see a Gastro-Enterologist!
Seems his Innards are leaving him!wow

Yours ought to be a featured comment. It is an open window into what roils your mind and soul.

I've seen your previous posts on how much you love Communists, and this is a great addition to the set.


Because it helps Normal people to understand what makes Communists different.

Remember, Communist regimes are very different from free countries. We have problems with our borders, but it's from foreigners seeking to come in.

Communist countries have had to fortify their borders with barbed wire, minefields, high concrete walls and armed guards with orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to escape.

The Germans of the 1930-40's were Socialists. Leftists. The Soviets and Chi-Coms were also Leftists, and all had Statist regimes that cruelly oppressed their own people, and the people of any country they'd overrun.

The German National Socialists caused the deaths of about 20 million people. That's a lot.

But the Soviet Socialists had between 1917 to 1989 to do their thing and it's estimated that they slaughtered well over 65 million.

The Chinese Communists have been estimated to have murdered about 77 million people. Mostly their own people.

How could this be?

Because Communists think like you. The thing that motivates and drives them is hatred. It's in their hearts and it bubbles up to the surface in the form of their words and deeds.

It's what makes you different from Normal people.
Your reply's to the Commie dupes R better than poetry. McMic indicated
At least 38% of Amerika is officially INSANE.
Thanks, Gen. Ripper!
McBob, i've been called crazy and i can see it. what baffles me are those that accept the wonky like it's normal. i'm beginning to think i'm not the crazy one.
I feel that even from this far I can see who is in charge,
more or less, in your country. We don''t have to name them, cos the names are
not even important now,
but Bo I have a question for you. Being 'at the scene' do you get the feeling
that most folks are informed?
Is the country split 50/50? 60/40? 70/30?
i try to keep myself grounded by doing primal things. fishing, hiking, revisiting nature. it was here before me. it hopefully will be here after me. we were born naked. the thought of being made universal zombie by wearing a mask damages me and others should agree. who's in charge? it's not human, it's a diabolical machine that has the goods on all the players, so the players play, to save their own selfish asses. it is a poisonous "family" tree.
Tip Towing thru the $tate property @ Cal. State Fresno yesterday..
..eYe found 4 good things
The trees....the squirrels....feral Cats...
...non presence of the McMarxist Faculty.
Otherwise, the weather was perfect after our 1st storm of the Fall..
Those students I did see were all masked up
And all signage on buildings was of the Fear & Loathing style ..favored by the $nake people.
...eYe be going back today for more Adventurous ad work...
Crypt. I'm interested in: can anything be done.
Way too many questions, perhaps way too many answers but rest assured.........the UN will tell us regardless

I don't recall signing up to the UN. I also don't recall NZ (as a sovereign nation) bending over backwards whilst someone looking over my shoulder whispering "own nothing and you'll be happy"

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm not up with the play but the last thing I'd wan't is someone breathing over my shoulder saying "own nothing and be happy" whilst getting well and truly rodgered.
october is the month for real masks made of latex bearing fangs. go for it my Mchero
Grand, we as a whole must continue to buck
Forget about masks man, that's a distraction. Masks are out here now.

Let's focus on the decade old corrupt system. Where votes has little influence.
Sorry, spelloe: decades as in plural.
we must cut down the tree. how, i don't know without getting arrested
some are so old, maybe they'll croak
ps tater Joe is baked, everyone knows it

It's very, very difficult to find the truth and specific numbers. That state of affairs is the result of our Mockingbird Luegenpresse, combined with Leftists in positions of power and influence (government / corporate), doing everything they can to suppress the truth and to spew out an unending stream of lies.

That said, we can only elicit what the truth is and who is telling it. Previously, we've posted info on how Gates has entered into partnerships with the Red Chinese and has set aside millions to "fight disinformation" which is so ironic.

Liars, lying about lying.

Nor can Fauci be trusted. Clearly he serial lied under oath to Congress and to the American people: we didn't fund gain-of-function (and so many more lies), which begs the question -- why are you TRYING to create a new, deadly disease that doesn't exist in Nature?

What we can only elicit is that the faux-vaxx Refusnicks are a little under half of the USA.

And as pressure mounts, and the needle has pushed deeply into the unconstitutional red, that resistance is stiffening.

Other countries are not so lucky, with places like Israel and Malta near completely Jabbed. They are seeing massive numbers of breakthrough cases.

If I told you that I had specific numbers I wouldn't be telling you the truth. But my young adult life was all about scrutinizing the lies of the Left (mostly Soviets, but also their efforts domestically), I can tell you that many of the same evil characters involved back then are involved now.

That manner in which lies were peddled, sabotage concealed, and truth suppressed, are largely the same then as now (the internet wasn't such a factor back then).

This entire situation *stinks* and we have to recognize how unprecedented some of the things taking place are, along with things that *do* have precedents.

We are in dark times.

Evil has reached the High Places.
Regardless whether the taties are cooked or not is beyond reproach. I prefer french fries and lambs fry but regardless. My ox tongue is to die for.

Secret recipe: thyme rhymes with time let alone lime and rosemary on the down low.
i'm enjoying some butter pecan ice cream. ring me later
Just silly nonsense but you reminded me of a silly Joke Palm.

China of course, as in Peking/Beijing but anyway. (Pecan)

Knock Knock!!
Who's there?
Peking Who??

Peeking through your key hole

Yeah, I know, little things amuse small minds but it made me laugh back in the day
i'd be more impressed if you knew freehand or the diamond willows. forget about goldenhinde, she's moderating the others
my invisibility is my strength
more butter pecan, please
I know Bo. It's pretty dark, but some of us will never forget the light represented
by the hero Donald Trump and several of his excellent partners
like his son in law Jared Kushner.
Guess who it is who has built a narrative about D.T. being the problem, well
that was done by his powerful enemies. Those are now in charge, ref your blog.

Both you and me know exactly where the shoe press, we disagree
on weather or not the c19/vax thingy is another one of their weapons.
I think not, you think yes, but the main remains: it's them - against us the people.
And Donald is one of us. Therefore hope should not be thrown overboard.
Everything Glenn says in the video above,
every word, is the truth and nothing but. He knows what he is talking about.
And thank God we have Fox!

we agree more than we disagree, that's for certain.

“Behold, I am sending you as lambs among wolves; be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.”
When He comes I'll be ready.
( It's Sunday folks try to focus on my quote).
Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's Door...peace
Anyone who doesnt see that Biden is as out of control as they every blamed Trump for is living in la la land. Bidens build back better depends on bankrupting any and all future generations. And is failing by the day.
Forget Trump. Open your eyes and judge Biden on his own terms. Things are NOT getting better under him. It is just an illusion. Fargos thinking is my pres can do no wrong. I support him into Hell. Talk about the wool pulled over eyes syndrome!frustrated doh

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