'Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show'

It appears that a certain blogger didn't like my answers especially when it comes down to "BETRAYAL"

That's cool, it's his prerogative to cancel comments.......this particular "blogger" wouldn't have a clue esp regarding ex-service men. That's cool as well but what really gets my back up against the wall is this particular Joysee........boy........scatters like a rat when the heat starts to throw darts back

Nah, you won't allow comments because you're not on the same level

Been there, done that..........I even have the t-shirt wave

ps........don't talk about Kiwi least of all American politics if you're not willing to toe the line

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handshake I've always never believed (if it's in the jIMBO it must be so) oh that be my creation that's very true, a parallel to yes there is a Santa Claus Virginia, if it is written in the sun it must be so. cheering applause
Nice 1 MrB thumbs up you've made another no comment blog victim, your on a roll MrB i'm diggin it bro..head banger
Poor wee numb-bobs and twine......so much to say yet zilch when gets cornered.

Here's a hint nimb-bob and twine, don't talk about anything that you know nothing about especially when it comes down to "BETRAYAL"

I'll give you a truce bro, that's what gentlemen do beer
Can I have a vowel?laugh

Can I have a vowel?

Most certainly my fair-weather friend. O for Awesome.

rolling on the floor laughing
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