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Small prick x 2

How about a blog where the community here reports if they have had covid.

If they have been vaccinated and still caught covid, un vaccinated and caught covid ,and how bad their personal symptoms.

Cut and pasted BS for pro or anti vaxers will be deleted.

I and I'm sure others here ,would like to read , actual true accounts.

Thanks in advance for reading ,and hopefully making a comment.


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No Covid and No vaccine... bouquet
I had 1 shot ,only because its going to be no jab no flights etc here.

One of my sisters did the same...
Assuming New Zealand ever opens the borders.

At the moment we are like sheep,following little bo peep

Well, they'll covid ya when you're trying to be so good
They'll covid ya just a-like they said they would
They'll covid ya when you're tryin' to go home
Then they'll covid ya when you're there all alone

But I would not feel so all alone
Everybody must get stoned

Covid free here that I can report.. never got a test or been force at gun point yet thumbs up
We lost a gentleman here recently who everyone knew and usually liked even if we didn't agree with his politics. He was very antivax and over 65 I believe. However I think he was brainwashed by far right thinking and fanatic religious groups in the south U.S. False promises of "Christians are immune to Covid" etc.etc.
He had many noble qualities and was a loss to the world.
No jab for me.
I'm as pure as the virgin snow. smile

Hola Melodia hermosa wave
Rap, who are you referring to if not our beloved Mr String?
I have had the covid vaccine final shot in April, with no side effects, no problems whatsoever.

I had the flu shot and pneumonia shot this morning it happens, feeling fine and entering a harsh winter with a very positive outlook.

As I have spent most of my life travelling, I am not scared of getting vaccinated, as often they are a requirement to enter many countries.
Post a COVID blog, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes politicised.

Before long, the only flying/travelling that will be had, will be by astral planing.

No jab, and you’re stuck in a regional COVID hot spot, as I am currently. Forget international re our lot for now. I foresee it will be a requirement to be fully vaccinated and tested for COVID before permeating our rock solid Auckland regional border, and rightly so.

1 jab, no COVID and 2nd jab scheduled in 10 days.

Being fully vaccinated is the only way out of these strict lockdowns, particularly for us Aucklanders.

Let common sense prevail.
Hola, mi queridísima y preciosísima, Dani!...
You know, you ALWAYS make my heart smile... Thank you, for being so nice and so sweet and so you... wave bouquet hug teddybear
Caught Covid Prior To Being Eligible To Be Jabbed.

Symptoms were Fairly Severe -
Feelings of Suffocation upon Mild exertion - But Little/NO Chest Congestion(!)
Suspect mechanism was blood micro-clotting inhibiting O2 transfer from lungs to blood stream.
I was on Low-Dose Aspirin blood-thinning Regimen & am of the opinion this prevented clotting from escalating to a Life Threatening Situation.

Also experienced SEVERE(!) & Uncontrollable Diarrhea -
A Common, but rather Under-Reported Symptom of Covid.

So real-life results so far seem to be:

The vaccine has caused no adverse side effects with anyone here

Some are still undecided or have decided not to vax for their own reasons

One person here has died from covid 19

My daughter just recently has been raped at work by Covidiots, eventhough she had covid a year ago, and recovered easily.
Pfizer jabs in January and February. Covid Delta variety in August.
One jab and don't know, never been tested. I would assume not.
Small prick x 2

You have 2 ??shock
Now that should make the news...

that's as close as I can get to humor tonight.sad flower

I got J&J in May.
I think the only people who get Covid after the vax are the ones
that don't wear a mask and run into Delta.
It's just not quite as safe yet, as some people think.
....... on a positive note, dancingsanta

we processed that dirty did as a contribution to well being of their tribe.
Apparently, all Covidiots are feeling even MORE SAFE now.
There's too many small prick jokes to make.

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