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Never mind the news, nor gossip, grin nor the rain this morning i just have good feeling ignoring most blogs, turning off radio and telly.

I am learning new skill---- needle felting i do not know (as Yet) how to put pics on chrome book but if you google it you will see. I must wear leather thongs scold laugh on my fingers as the needle has barbs like a fish hook. I am busy making a hedge hog will show pic when done.

All very therapeutic,

In slow cook pot chicken, onions, peas, in creamy mushroom mustard sauce for evening meal with micro flavoured rice or poured over micro backed pot. All energy saving roll eyes

If anyone can put pic up on needle felting will love you forever,laugh

Be good stay safe, moaning on and on does more harm for your health, be warned. teddybear

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Learning new skills is very important, not easy though.
hug FedEx
Plants watered with water that's been microwaved die ... violin

Enjoy your rice/potato!

Not true Mic, more BS conspiracy theories, you really need to check FACTS.
I & several others - including Daughter in-law's science class - have Actual DEAD Plants STRONGLY indicating it's Not Bullshit.
I've yet to See a plant Survive the Experiment

Experimentation beats internet info ... tongue

Both science teacher Daughter-in-law & I were of the opinion that nuked water killing plants was Urban Legend & set out to Prove It.
That hypothesis died with the plants.

Neither of us pretend to now WHY the plants succumbed.

I suggested to science teacher Daughter-in-law she & her class experiment using tap & distilled water -
Determine if the nuking affected the Water or something IN the water.

To date, I'm unaware if that experiment has been conducted.

Any of y'all having house plants you're willing to sacrifice for the cause of Scientific Advancement - Share your results with us Here.

I'm not Alone in suspecting elements/compounds IN the water.

In all experiments of which I'm Aware -
Only tap water was used & only plants watered with NUKED tap water succumbed.

Good blog....thumbs up
I liked it.....teddybear
Have a great day...handshake hug
Most likely it was something else that killed the plants, I used microwaved water on several plant when in China on the advice of an agricultural Professor, I grew sunflowers and several veg using microwaved water not one died other than from lack of water when I was away from my apartment for some months.

I also drank microwaved water from the tap as the water was not clean, it never hurt me and tasted rather like bottled water.

Obviously, the water was left to cool before using, either as a drink or for the plants, hot water would damage any plant microwaved or not.
snow correct but is productive and passes time with like minded friends teddybear
Miclee confused where did the idea come from that i watered plants with micro water??grin I have a water tub collect rain water and water plants.

Yep i do remember when microwaves first appeared but so much has been achieved. Micros cook food without water added, rubbed together to cause heat and then hay presto recon whatever, delish veggies without touching water peace

Yep enjoyed my meal enough for tonight too grin
riz thanks for putting up vid for me. That lady did not have leather protecters over thumb and for fingerhelp what would happen when pricking quick if it stuck in her finger OUCH help

Yep i have seen flowers made that way with buiscuit cutters and the use of pipe cleaners for flower stem.

My first is a hedgehog peace

Thanks again.
teen wave wave yep had a great day and will have another today peace

You too have a good one.lips
Miclee not dead today laugh laugh lips

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