SUPER stupid

OMG omg oh my but why can't they leave well enough alone frustrated frustrated frustrated

I had only ever one super hero of them all and now they've only gone and decided to make him bisexualmumbling

Hopefully that thought shall be binned just like Jane Bond was detective

Just sitting here wondering what the hell next uh oh
then I hear it over the air waves, teachers in English schools are no longer allowed to use the words "good or bad" instead they are to be replaced with skilled or unskilled doh

The older I become the more convinced I am some people are really becoming super stupid conversing

Anyways, back to my superman .....
leave my hero alone flex boxing

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Their purpose is not to create something of their own, which they hope people will identify with and enjoy (this is the secret attraction of every hero or protagonist).

They cannot create effectively so they appropriate things which people already love and despoil it.
You know... I truly wonder why is it so bad to be "normal" these days... I am not going to change my preferences because TV desperately turns our childhood super heroes in whatever they want them to be... I am just not going to watch them again... I felt the same way when I watched one single episode of "Batwoman"... And of course, she had to be a lesbian... I respect everyone's preferences, but this is getting a little too crazy... I can only think of how vulnerable kids' minds are and what all these things are doing to them... Can't be happier for not having a kid... This world is really upside down... bouquet
As a teacher, I will continue to use the words good and bad, I despair at times regarding the PC brigade.
I have noticed since being back in the UK the number of lesbians and homosexuals portrayed on TV as if they are the majority.

Maybe the time has come to have TV channels for those who are Gay and separate channels for those who are straight. dunno But the pushing of gayness is becoming too much and down to the same people who wish to destroy the very essence of the descriptive nature the English language holds.
It might explain the tights & cape. laugh
I always liked the superman charter...cause despite being an alien from krypton...he understands right from wrong...good from bad....but he also became a patriot of unlike many immigrants he respects and loves the country he lives in....

The one conflicting thing is....superman is really not a man...but an alien...who looks like a any s*xual interactions he may have with humans...would inter species s*xual contact...not heterosexual or homosexual or bi s*xual

The love story he had with lois lane...was memorable and maybe some would be in tears watching them togetherheart wings

Here is the scene....when superman give all away...when he puts his hand into the fire...but this is also the time...when Lois lane tells superman...that she is in love with him..but is he right to get involved with a earth woman?
Lois lane was not the only woman...superman had inter species s*xual relations withwow
some kryptonite given to superman...turns him bad and in the process...ends up having inter species s*xual relations with loreleiwow

superman!! I hope you don't expect me to save you...cause I don't do that anymore
lorelei! I'm beyond saving
The confirmation that superman has turned bad...but i'm sure lorelei would say he is super in the bedroomlaugh

I enjoyed this battlethumbs up

Clark Kent Vs Superman....but the powers were spit between clark and supermanwow
The end result...clark strangles...the evil out of himself and becomes the hero again
The best thing to do...when the far left hollyweird goons...want to rehash any classic characters or to close your eyes and close your wallets....cause toxic left wing politics has infected modern movies and destroyed many movie franchises in the process.

All they care about is using brainwashing programs...the and they will rehash and rehash classic movies...cause they think you will still love matter what...but those who have seen the originals...won't be fooled by itwow
Bo, also my way of thinking as well thumbs up

Good seeing you melody wave
and how good of you to leave your kitchen when so busy baking
Tis honored I am bowing
and tis lucky you are for not being an English school teacher after using the word BAD scold

I kind of share in your happiness as in thankful mine are grown, if I had to bring them up in todays world, I wouldn't know where to begin telling them.. what's what anymore dunno
As daft as that may sound Riz, perhaps such channels could ease a lot of pain for some thumbs up

I wish you well in continuing to use the word bad.....
I just hope it doesn't end up badly for you.
If children aren't thought how to accept they do bad with some things, how ever will they accept it in the grown up world, wrapping them up in cotton wool is all this new ruling is doing.... It's almost as ridiculous as my superman being bisexual doh
Nice to see another Superman fan here Mr Charming wine
since I don't have time to really babysit this blog, just to say thanks for all the uploads, you even uploaded my favorite.... " flying with superman".... gosh but how madly in love I was with smitten
even once dumped my boyfriend for not being him ....
looking back now... what else to say but I was young & stupid and in love giggle

Now now Jim, behave or I'll have to put my bad eye on you flex lol
this is one of the best blogs
It is confused
You might even say... it's super dancing

laugh laugh Chancer, have to say I like your humor wine
but scrolling down to your bottom....
If that's your attempt to be looking like superman flying out of here with red cape flying behind you, can't quiet say the same about that, what to say but its very bad unskilled giggle

But hey" God loves a trier wink
Are you all enjoying your outrage?

I think my grandchidren would find your outrage enjoyable.

And ignorant, silly, and stuff like that. laugh
Well since you've asked, I always do feel a little better after getting a rant off me chest ....
Anyways thank you gripper for asking.... I'm touched by your carehug

If you don't understand why some of us are....
perhaps the ignorance is with you and your silly way of thinking.
At the end of the day Superman is an alien. Aliens like to probe people for some reason. Superman is trying to develop normal relationships with humans, but that fixation will always be there, and there is always the risk of crossover. I'd be keeping the dog inside at night.
Pat, unless I'm reading you wrong dunno
it is not normal for human activities/relations to be crossing over.

As for keeping the dog in.....
I wish my neighbor would hers, even more so night time yawn

But not to worry, fire works time is coming around again pretty soon grin
There's a strong element of social engineering a play here. It used to be that the Sin that Not Dare Say Its Name stayed in the closet. Now I can't shut the hell up.

This is following a game plan set forth some time ago in a lengthy article (and later a book) called THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA. In play for over 30 years, that agenda has been remarkably successful, but propelled by a lot of money and powerful influencers outside the electoral process (nearly all victories were vis activist judges, and counter to popular votes. Ex. At least 42 states voted against Gay marriage, but it was imposed by judicial fiat).

OVERHAULING recommended a multi-faceted strategy. First, constantly keeping a never-ending PR campaign directed against the "Straights," depicting homosexuality in the most positive light possible.

Secondly, hide and suppress the negatives (extremely high disease and child molestation rates).

Part of the PR campaign is to hijack memories the public has of things they know and love, and retroactively turning them Gay. They've tried this with Spongebob and Patrick, Popeye and Bluto, and even Dumbledore.

It would not do to simply introduce a new character and call him gay or her lesbian. Those would be too easy to ignore or reject.

So they feel compelled to hijack the good will of your youth towards a loved character and then sully that memory.

It's cultural misappropriation and perversion of something that was good. Literally.
Correction: "Now *it* can't shut the hell up."

Autocorrect. frustrated
Pat, unless I'm reading you wrong dunno
it is not normal for human activities/relations to be crossing over.

Probing people's bottoms for no apparent reason, as aliens like to do, would not be considered normal as wouldn't bestiality either. The rest is for each person to judge, it's certainly not normal in my world. To each their own, providing it only involves consenting adults.
Good interesting and fair comment Bo thumbs up
but since it's well past my bed time here, I'll have to catch you again on it.

What else to say at this hour, but it's a G'night from me to you wine

laugh Oh please let it not be Superman. A Bi Superman would mess my head.

So funny seeing this post. I was totally thinking about Superman II this afternoon.

"Son of Jorel, Kneel Before Zod! " laugh

*High-Five* @Melody1671

Yesss! I agree
*High-Five* @SEEKINGinger wave
Have a wonderful night... bouquet

While searching for something else, I ran across this and thought of your post. It seems directly on point and it perhaps the underlying motivation for those wanting to socially engineer (well, let's call it what it is, wanting to pervert) society.

the Perversion of Normality
Kerry Bolton, perhaps the most prolific and controversial writer ever produced by New Zealand, has produced an admirable and exhaustive study on the perversion of normality in Western culture and society that offers some of the clearest analysis yet produced on how we came to arrive at this point of peak degeneracy. In the following review essay, I want to provide a summary of Bolton’s findings, as well as some commentary on the content, purpose, and significance of the text.

It goes without saying that one of the major strategies for selling this new interpretation of “mental health” among gentiles was the promotion of a hedonistic consumer society in which moral structures and inhibitions, particularly in the realm of sex, are removed. While marketed as involving unprecedented freedom and unlimited choice, what we have in fact witnessed is the emergence and expansion of what I’ve previously termed the “Culture of Sterility” in which permanence is scorned, real relationship bonds disintegrate, birth rates plummet, sex roles and identities dissolve, and in which people commodify each other as objects to be consumed and discarded in the same manner as any other contemporary product.

Essentially, long-established values of true love, monogamy and faithfulness, noble and complementary virtues particular to either sex, are destroyed, and a hedonistic free-for-all substituted in its place.
Stupid is the correct word for so many things these days.

The worlds gone crazy, i despair for our young mindsmoping so glad i am the age i am for the first time ever.
I will be gone grin by the time this young generation can be in power or i would be given a pill because its the best thing to do to non productive out of date, passed sell by date etc. grin person or maybe by then i would not be called a personlaugh laugh roll eyes
CelticWitch64OP•20 hrs ago•Galway, Ireland
Nice to see another Superman fan here Mr Charming wine
since I don't have time to really babysit this blog, just to say thanks for all the uploads, you even uploaded my favorite.... " flying with superman".... gosh but how madly in love I was with smitten
even once dumped my boyfriend for not being him ....
looking back now... what else to say but I was young & stupid and in love giggle

Hey itchywave
The truth is...even Mr charming can't be superman...but as you know I can be super charmingwink
The part of Superman has been played by various actors...but Has Cristopher reeve always been your supermanconfused
I personally think...reeves portal of superman...was the most accurate and don't an actor alive..could do a better jobsuper
Stupid is a very good word....political correctness run amok

thumbs up

...... I mean, it sounds kind of judgemental and like nothing can or should be done, but skilled or unskilled sound more constructive.

Bloody, how can a teacher correct any pupil without making a judgment call confused
as for " nothing can or should be done" to use the word BAD when describing a pupils work/effort is no indication he/she is hopeless beside, if they can't take a little hard knocks in their school days, how will they the tough ones in their adult life ... JMO but each to their own wine
Maybe the time has come to have TV channels for those who are Gay and separate channels for those who are straight.

Interesting comment coming from you Riz. Surely the left would not allow that as they have blended bathrooms by pushing for biological boys who act and dress as girls to have access to girls bathrooms. But then again it's only a movie. Perhaps the title character should be renamed 'Superqueer' or 'Supersissy' or something like that.
'Superqueer' or 'Supersissy' oh my Lordy me wow giggle

As I've already said, just leave well enough alone and move forward by creating your own, and lets not tarnish the ones of yesteryears before this world became super stupid.

I don't think that's too much to expect snooty

You said it KP handshake
Got it in one Mr Charming thumbs up
Christopher Reeves was my one and only superman, Like you more or less said, there wasn't another who could touch him.

Have to admit though I did get caught up in the weekly episodes of the new adventures of super man, staring Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher.

Redex, a lot to be said for being born in the times we were wine
wouldn't change my timing for anything in the world.

Ginger, like Jane Bond hopefully nothing shall come of it thumbs up
Nor my world either pat conversing
Each to their own once they are consenting adults " what ever that means" ... a phase I'm getting pretty sick of hearing, reasons why aren't important, but thanks for your thoughts wine
Bo, I'll check out your link again but the way I see it, where same sex couples have reached for the skies and stole our rainbow for theirs, now we have the others also reaching for the skies but this time to steal our stars from us, even our super ones.

As my dear mother used to say....
" if you give someone your eye balls sooner or later they'll be back for your lashes"
How so very right was mom wine
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