Biden's (Dis) approval rating

What ever happened to Jim's blog on Biden's approval rating? Poof - it just disappeared

Oh well. Biden's approval rating has cratered to just 43%. With disapproval now at 52.3%

Let's go Brandon dunno

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Filth in google are censoring the photo . Biden has become an embarrassment to the left . The gloss has fallen of the dirty old man .
Yeah well, certain topics appear off limits and/ or attract a lot of complaints.

I've been keeping one eye open on the audits, threatened prosecutions, lawsuits and whatnot, but seeing as they've repeatedly shown the checks and balances to be broken, I've narrowed my focus, and even that attracts trolls.

We do what we can. If they take down a blog, unless it was objectively in bad taste, post another.

We are living in unprecedented times, with valuable information being suppressed in many countries. Do what you can to spread truth and expose hypocrisy.

You're doing a good job.
I b'lieve your source is out of date.
Last I Heard - Ol' Joe's rating is 38% - And dropping.

He's now below 50% with 'CRATS ... wow

Polls indicate the Don's Ratings are More Positive than those of Ol' Joe.

Bo -
I Strongly Suspect the Specific blog referred to by our esteemed OP may've been memory holed by the creator of said blog.

It started out quite awhile ago claiming how Great of a job Ol' Joe's doing at the time.
It Aged Poorly & any *bump* would make it a laughing stock ... rolling on the floor laughing

@ epirb
Filth in google are censoring the photo

Nope... that would be your esteemed OP making you log into Google to see his meme image.. laugh
I am logged into google , google don't like images from the US upsetting us sweet souls in NZ
Ol' Joe resigns - And THEN ...

That would be a mistake , keep the stiff on hi feet
For heavens sake EPIRB (emergency), Jimbob doesn't like it when Kiwis have a difference of opinion, especially on the border..........I'm in the process of jumping ship and claiming asylum in Jim bobs and bits head

rolling on the floor laughing
No room in Jim nut , too full of Trump
LET'S GO BRANDON!! cheering

The commy troll clutching at straws today . After trolling this site for years with the Russian scam , posting several blogs a week , sometimes more than one a day he keeps it up with more lies today .
Not to worry..
Biden on his imaginary pony is
The new state Seal of Arizona.*

( Mchint: * T shirt idea for quick
.....mcFundraising. )
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