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Puja Special

Puja = Pet Puja ..

There is an old yet evergreen saying in our Indian Tradition ...

Puja (Worship) = Pet (Tummy wink ) Puja giggle

Means , in every Festival of Worship , the important part is to Worship of Taste !! laugh

Here are few glimpses of our Clebration of Worship !! wink

cheering cheering cheering

Comments (19)

Tender Spicy Mutton Curry !! love

Red Hot Chicken Curry !! love

Steamed Hilsha Fish Curry With Mustard !! love

Special Spicy Fresh Water Fish Curry !! love

Puffed And Soft Deep Fried Flour Bread !! love

Sweet And Aromatic Fried Rice !! love

Slow Cooked Hot And Spicy Potato Curry !! love

Sweet Pumpkin And Potato Mixed Veg Curry !! love

Sweet And Sour Pickled Tomato With Gravy !! love

Sweet And Soft Semolina With Coconut Mixed Balls In Milk !! love

Oooo, this reminds me of the yummy foods I had for Diwali, when I belonged to Sidda Yoga, years ago.


I miss Diwali celebration and arati.

Thank you for this post; brings back fond memories.
Thanks Ginge !!
I'm really glad that this Blog brought back some tasty memories giggle for you .. hug

Yess !! You're right !!! Diwali is upcoming here next month... Though I've posted this Blog in the context of ongoing Durgapuja Festival here , but Diwali is not so far too !!! We are almost There as well.. applause
Omg, those Luchi look really "Cuchi" (Cute, in Spanish)... laugh laugh laugh
Hope you had a blast, worshipping that tummy of yours!... laugh bouquet
Yepp Mel !!

You know ! Whenever I see those hot and soft "Luchi" in front of me , the first thing I do is to poke 'em on those cute puffed surface , right away ... laugh

If there was no issue of gaining weight , I would've love to poke them on frequent basis .. giggle
Yum ! I love Indian spices/dishes.
Jim ..
That's great... wine
I am sure that some of this items can be easily found even on the ethnic style restaurants abroad ... thumbs up
I got born into the wrong culture - I would love everyone of those dishes so much.
No problem at all Fay hug

Even if you are on the opposite side of the world , you can find some Authentic Ethnic Food Outlet near you to order the dishes you like to taste... wine

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