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UFOs now what?

Back when everyone started to carry a camera on them (cell phone)....the skeptics of UFOs would say, why are we not getting any pictures of them? Today, there are many pictures of them taken. Now what?

What is the next move for society?

Do we continue to just go on with life living literally in our own little bubbles.....or....our big bubble (the planet)? Or, do we now look beyond ourselves....our own species....and start to acclimate ourselves to others out there? What would that even look like?

I seen one documentary where they were saying that they want to understand their technology....harness it...and put it to use to protect our environment when it came to developing new energy. My thoughts to that was.....why? they can send us a bill in the mail for something that now cost them something even cheaper to make a larger profit?


Perhaps if people could live free....not where government controls you....but where one can have access to the basic elements to life without being a slave to the powerful.


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Isn't it something.....we are waiting for our government to come out and confirm the existence of life outside our planet.....but they really have not formally came out and did that yet.

Yet, these same people in charge of our government are the same people who enjoy their power....and that power would be called into question if they do come out and confirm an existence outside our planet.

In other words, is there a conflict of interest?

Sometime the sheep just have to look at all the facts for themselves to determine the real nature of things....instead of listening to a voice with selfish (profitable) motives.

How wealthy do our public officials get when they take an office?


If they do get needs to wonder who paid who how much and for what?

I think our current President's son....and the son's direct ties to the President speaks a little bit to this.


In other words....a system of living where money is secondary would be and interesting concept.

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