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The Absolute Ridiculousness of Rejecting the Vaccine Mandate

Yesterday in The Washington Post;

For the full article go to;

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It is a personal decision, to get the vaccine or not.

I had the windows tinted yesterday in my home...the installer was a Democrat...voted for Biden because he was a moderate. Now, thinks his policies are NUTS. He wishes he did not vote for him.

Did not vote for Trump..

His father had an extreme reaction from the tetanus shot. He is permanently disabled from paralysis in his back. He was able to sue the company for this..but, is not able to disclose the amount he received.

The installer has decided to not get the vaccine, because you have to sign a waiver to not hold the pharmaceutical company liable. His wife, has chosen to get the vaccine.

It is is tyrannical to demand people to get the vaccine or lose your job...It will do nothing but create a bigger labor shortage...
Really, must just be the US because I have never signed anything when receiving any vaccine including Covid.

How can saving lives be tyranny? Did you say the same when airbags became mandatory in vehicles?

Airbags kill or maim far more people than the covid vaccine so when are you protesting against them?
Yes, I had to sign a waiver...which did not hold the Pfizer liable. Everyone I know had to sign that waver when they received their first dose.

The hospital my son works at, has wanted to make them mandatory from the beginning. They did not..because they know it will cause more staff shortages...

My best friend’s brother is a pilot for Southwest Airlines...he knows many pilots and staff are going to walk lieu of the vaccine.. can’t make anyone do what you want them to is their decision...
Our mayor, who leaves a lot to be desired, has mandated all city workers to be vaccinated by tomorrow. Our head of the police union has told his police force to hold their ground if they didn't want to be vaccinated. Will half of our police force not be working this weekend? That remains to be seen. Some aldermen have asked the mayor to back down on the mandates. Will she listen to the people? Probably not. There is no love lost between our mayor and our police force. Will Chicago be less protected from violence this weekend? Crime and violence here are bad enough as it is let alone with less of a police force. You can't just force people to do something that they don't want to do.

I'm not an anti-vaxxer nor a pro-vaxxer. I'm a do what's right for you. The vaccine should be available for those who want to partake. Talk to your doctor and decide what's best for you. The more they force the issue, the deeper anti-vaxxers will dig in their heels.
I still think it's a human rights violation to demand this,
and if they wanna take your job sue them and try it in court.

If this was a vaccine in the normal sense of the word then maybe
I'd try and understand them, but it's not.
This will only create resentment to authorities.
Freedom please.

riz you can still drive a car legally that has no airbags,
If you purchase a proper veteran you'll find
road legal cars without seatbelts as well.
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Covid rates are rising alarmingly again in Ireland (though much lower than before). About four hundred people are in hospital from it. Of those about 50% come from the community who didn't get the vaccine. Just over 90% of people were vaccinated in total.

Enough said.
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These are the numbers at my local the spike of the Delta variant...
Apparently the WAPost doesn't have much Worldwide impact ...
Heard on the News -
Maybe Half of Chicago's Police Force is threatening to defy the Jab Coercion.
Could get Interesting ... uncertain
Chicago councilpersons urge 'Crat Mayor Lightfoot to be more mandate-flexible.

Curiously, the mandates/restrictions/outrage are occurring in many places where the Delta Surge is past peak & Declining - Italy, e.g. ...

The New Case Rate in 'Stray continue to Soar to Unprecedented levels.

Thanks Mic..I know that..

My son has had the vaccine and will soon be getting his booster...

He is now being tested weekly..instead of twice a week..because the numbers are down.

He is still working four and generally five 12 hour shifts...just not enough RNs to cover the hospital’s needs. This will continue as the snowbirds come back to town...
From the Global Outrage vid -
@ 8:50 - "What's going on in Australia looks like it should be happening in China."

I am going to make a prediction....

This mandate will blow up in Biden’s face....

Mass chaos in the big cities...more labor shortages..gas shortages....and spikes in crime..

If only Biden did want to unite the country..Instead, he is hurting the middle class....

If my son sees left as they are...Everyone will see it quite soon...

The installer was in his 40s...has lots of friends who went to Afghanistan....they are truly hurt..not about getting out of Afghanistan..but the way Biden did it...leaving many of their allies (Afghans) to be slaughtered.
Yep mic - if ole Beetlejuice's mandate stays - watch for the crime rate this weekend. Chicago is already a mess - with only half of the police - it'll be a real mess. I haven't heard yet anything from the City Council meeting they were having this morning. Aldermen were asking her to repeal the mandate. Will she do what is right for the city or follow her personal agenda? I'm guessing the latter. She's a stubborn old crow.
How much of that shortfall (Not Just in Osprey) has been brought on by healthcare pros' refusal to submit to Jab Mandate Coercion? ...
very mad

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

SMH did a survey when the vaccine was first available....

My son said roughly 35% said they would not get the vaccine.

There were emails going back and forth calling for protests in front of the hospital..if they made it mandatory..

The Hospital Board decided then...they would not make it mandatory...
Biden's mandate gives a choice, either get vaccinated, or get tested weekly.
A job at any particular place is not a right. Companies employ who they feel is a best fit
for their industry. The cannot discriminate based on ethnicity nor sex.
However, they can discriminate based on vaccinated, or not.
Well I am using common sense....and, living in the real world.

Go to any restaurant..not enough help.

Any grocery store..not enough help and empty shelves....

Any car cars to sell.

Anyone building a concrete materials for cinder hairdresser's new home has been sitting for 2 months..a concrete slab..cause block shortages.

This mandate..will make it worse for anyone who is not an elite..

That is what our government is as the elitist tell us to do...

BTW..the government is exempt from the mandate..
People have choices. They can work for a large company and get tested weekly, or get vaccinated.
They can work for a smaller company. They can work for themselves. Or they can be unemployed.
Their choice, just like in the past. However, now, to work in a larger company, where you are likely to have people come in contact with more people, you either have to be vaccinated, or get tested weekly. Your choice. It's best for the coworkers and the company in general.
Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, we are in a pandemic. The more people get vaccinated, the sooner
the pandemic will end. Those spreading vaccine misinformation are responsible for the reluctance to get vaccinated. Thus, the mandate is effectively urging most people to use more common sense to get vaccinated. Get tested weekly, get vaccinated, or get fired at larger companies. People are free to make a choice they can make.
Because you think it is foolish....

I got the vaccine Jim...

But, it is not my right to force that on anyone...nor yours..or the government.

I can understand why people do not want to get it..freedom of choice...

Have a good day Jim...

I am going to spend the rest of the day with my grandkids.....
No one is forcing it on anyone. They have several choices.
They don't kill the unvaccinated. The virus might. But, the government won't.
Mandate/Coercion that hamstrings the economy, threatens public services, tears at the fabric of society AND degrades the Human Resources of a company (e.g Southwest Airlines) is NOT in the best interests of the company - In general or any Other way -
No matter What disconnected academicians may claim.

The recent problems at Southwest Airlines have nothing to do with vaccine mandates.
That is incorrect right wing propaganda;

or if you want to skip ahead to that particular part, go to;

Southwest Airlines - Reports vary, some are conflicting ...
What's Actually Known isn't as much as might be desired.

Another aspect -
Southwest employs some more mature cabin crew personnel & it's been Reported* some of them are leaving/taking early retirement rather than deal with Jab Mandate Coercion.

*Heard it on News - No link.

Mayor is not relenting. I do find it interesting that she used the word "compliant or compliance wayyy too much. Compliance - "the act of complying with a command". I don't think I like that word.
We'll see what happens this weekend!
Discussion/Analysis of goings on at Southwest Airlines & Broader Implications
It's Well worth the watch ... thumbs up

There can NEVER be any " ridiculousness" in upholding personal choice in a DEMOCRACY... Not so often pointed out that NONE of these vaccines have gone through the usual time standard protocol before being released for gen. public use .... All of them hastily hatched to address the covid... resulting in NO substantial study on the possible side effects further down the road... To which to some people translates to the real cause of concern that one may be trading one illness for a string of others by way of unforeseen side effects.... And them being statistically experimental drugs STILL... causes some people to reject being harrassed/forced/obligated/disinformed into getting it.

Rather some dark comedy it feels ... that the unvaccinated are often being called out as the walking danger when it can also be true that the fully vaccinated are just as to be regarded as such... when bec they have been vaccinated already... they can walk around ASYMPTOMATIC while unknowingly carrying the virus after contracting it since NO vaccine can promise IMMUNITY... only greater chance of not suffering the more severe symptoms such as those that often have led to death ...

I believe that when a person is wedged b/w the rock wall and a cliff/ravine such as this pandemic ... it shld be that person's choice alone ... on which way to go ....
Not following sensible guidelines is why Mexico has one of the worst covid infection rates and deaths from the virus.
That's not the least bit true. Appropriate studies and trials were done. The reasons the vaccines achieved faster release, was because corona viruses were already studied and rather than achieve protocols sequentially, as was done in the past, instead, different groups focused on different aspects at the same time. Together this made results overall happen quicker than in the past.
And we will see this happening more and more as sequential cross-checks are old-world now, doing multiple cross-checks at the same time will go across the board for all new medicines.
@mic So? Anything that happens in China is bad and Trump happens in USA is good? Idiot! We should copy USA? Oh no!

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