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How long do you wait in line for Petrol today?

No lines for auto fuels where I live but costs increases seen every day. Store shelves for home goods going bare though.

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This is an ad For Lord Putin..
..( you of course, may delete )

...stop making sense / talking heads
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$0cial cues / cage the Elephant.
I wrote about your subject in the Say Anything thread. Cost of fuel has skyrocketed here. I haven't had to wait in lines like I did in the 70's. Food shelves aren't empty here but cost of food is ridiculous. The bacon I always buy used to be $3.99 per pound. Couple days ago it was over 8 dollars.doh
I pay about U$17 more per tankful of diesel fuel today compared to less than a year ago.

Inflation is everywhere. I wonder how much more beauty cosmetic products cost today compared to a year ago. They are made from highly refined oil.
I agree with your comments, i've long held and expressed the view that the crap that's going on in all our countries is a Trade War.
Some countries suffering lost listen, and of course suffering economically more than others, because a firm decision has been made by majority of world nations (not your and not ours) that funding economies by starting war after war is old hat, so its out with the old and in with the new world order.
In January gas was 1.99 a gallon here...

I filled my tank on Sunday...3.09 a gallon....

There are no new or used cars on the car lots here....
I am just glad all i need is my two legs and if shelves empty for what i want buy something different.grin
so your paying around 80c per litre, I've been paying 59c litre all winter here
gas gobbling days are over
The same is happening here, empty sheves, higher gas prices and now yellow tape on empty fuel pumps = No gas.
I've started taking the train so none. But I went into Aldi on my way home and there wasn't any chocolate hobnobs, have to suffer through a packet of chocolate digestives now.
Just one of the repercussions of having Trump create trade wars, think yourselves lucky, petrol in the UK is around $3.44 US dollars a litre and has been more than a dollar a litre for several years, Americans never appreciated that their cost of living was always way below most other countries. Plus far higher salaries.

Welcome to realitycomfort
I guess , it's not just happening only in there ... The aftershock of the Pandemic and many other Global Vital Matters , now have started to reveal their impact ...

I'm afraid , if we are heading towards a worldwide economical crash ... uh oh
@ riz
I guess we here in the usa midland should consider ourselves lucky if you are paying the equivalent of ~ U$14.00 dollars per gallon (or 3.8 liters) of fuel. wow
Artificial tree demand higher leading to Christmas tree shortage. Most are from China going up 25% up to $1k USDs.. Regular living christmas trees costing upwards of $10 USDs per foot on average.
no gas lines here. i bought an economy car when Biden was elected.
posted error
"so your paying around 80c per litre, I've been paying 59c litre all winter here
gas gobbling days are over"!

should have read
so your paying around 80c per litre, I've been paying $1.59c litre all winter here
gas gobbling days are over.

That's alpine fuel mix pricing
Dr Google says

Australia Diesel prices 11 Oct Litre Gallon
AUD 1.539 5.826
USD 1.131 4.281
EUR 0.978 3.702

Australia Gasoline prices 4th Oct Litre Gallon
AUD 1.521 5.758
USD 1.109 4.198
EUR 0.954 3.611
No lines for gas here....

I stopped and topped off my tank today..

Paid $3.14 a gallon.
Amazing what happens when you let Dems cheat their way into office! They do nothing but sellout to foreign enemies and ripoff taxpayers.....while enriching themselves. What moron supports this? confused
I couldn't get a drum of oil this week , not available till the end of next month . I have to take it in 20 litre containers , Lets go Brandon .

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