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'There's Something Very Fishy About This Photo'

Or suggest your own caption for the following photo, if you like.
Or simply enjoy the captions eventually submitted by others. cheers

Here's the photo;
Embedded image from another site

Comments (30)

The three Muskefins
jail bait
Hook up today to " plenty of fish".
That's 3differences....laugh
bouquet ...
Sure, they look pretty.
But good luck opening their legs. sigh
Lordy me Jim, must I tell you everything doh

All you need do is find the key to her heart tail conversing

That's all it takes for your so called lunch to be servedroll eyes

Embedded image from another site

Not enough diversity I reckon, after all...diversity is "our" strength rolling on the floor laughing
The perfect matches for the man, whose goal is scoring a lot of tail. grin
Oh No! lcbr, (the sailor) has finally been lured to his doom! Hey (come to think of it); "doom" is not so bad a thing, actually.................professor
This one goes without saying roll eyes

Heads you win very happy

Tails you loose uncertain

Embedded image from another site
Hey ladies; have you seen any slippery d*ck, on your travels?....Get Your Minds Out of the Gutter!......I mean the fish species, (as depicted in the video link above!).......professor
LCBR, hope you don't mind me saying this comfort

But now your talking through your tail blah blah blah blah blah blah lol

@ Ms Witch....No, I'm not! Mermaids are real, don't you know?...And here's the proof:

so there!..................tongue
Love" just in the door from work, so I'll click into your link later wink

But just away from that matter for a minute.....
there are not too many light hearted blogs around these day, too much seriousness concerning this that and the other, and when one comes along to have/share a bit of a little giggle together well what else to say but shame on you Dangles for bringing insults into such a blog doh

Now if you don't mind me asking you...
but pls remove your hat, while I slap you one

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Lol, Celtic! ( regarding 3 muskefins0 :)laugh
Dont slap him to hard Celt , I don't think he's wearing any clothes in his pic!blushing He might start getting ideas!blushing uh oh
So's not to spoil the blog I'll keep my trap shut regarding somethings said talk to hand

But why is it Dangles, jokers can't recognize when others are joking confused
Maybe it would be in your best interest not to dish it out until you can...
joking that is roll eyes

What can I say Raphael, but I'm gutted, I thought the clip was hilarious, meant to rise a bit of a giggle or two but you know what, some good has come out of that comment... at least I know now how to make a man vanish, just ask him to remove his hat laugh giggle cowboy

Why thank you kindly Calm" hug bouquet
Please ! No more childish bickering.
And yes, I know who started it.

Back to the fun regarding the mermaids. head banger

'Looks like Disney's mermaids aren't so "little" anymore.'
And that's telling me sad " only joking like" conversing

But fair enough, back to the blog innocent
I would if I could, but at this stage me humors dried up a little... kinda feeling like a bit of a fish out of water you might say laugh

Fun blog though thumbs up
Jim smelt something fishy and probed deeply
I'm glad you enjoyed it CW. tip hat
Perhaps you'll feel more moist again later. wink

Getting back to the photo caption;

Embedded image from another site
Our disadvantage " we can be beached" uncertain

Our advantage " never drowned" very happy
The 3 Stooges / Sturgeons go fishing.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Those 3 gals are advertising a lot more than seashells at the seashore.
The tail wagging the dogfish as the shark bites. Ahoy me hearties, says the police to the web of webbed feet.

Spread open or we'll cancel your opinion.


Smoked fish are awesome with brown sugar, spices and all things nice but alas........tight lines with winds in your sails as the orca eats whales. "killer whale" no less.

October, Spring no less as the Orca chase squid

But, alas, Jimbob knows best
Hoist up the Jimbob sail.

I like your cut of the jib but your spinnaker could do with a trim or two........sheets no less on the way/lee side

Joking aside Jim. I live and ironically breath the ocean. It's in my nature.

I go fishing at every chance I can. Getting cooped up with my own salt is almost palpable.

This is one of my favourite songs bro and it speaks volumes to me and my thoughts, road map, sea map, compass or whatever.

"If there's one thing in my life that's missing" the web is dangerous esp mermaids.

Turn it up brother

Embedded image from another site
They got more than upset, when I brought tartar sauce and lemon wedges to our first date. dunno

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