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the USPS lost my dapple dray foal

no trace.
i believe my little figurine was intercepted by the government. the CIA and FBI are examining my figurine for hidden messages in the dapples. they are decoding the dots for Russian misinformation.

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Wow... I hope they find it... hug
me too. it's perfect
is it a figurine of trumpconfused grin
no, silly tongue
but is it Russian madeconfused grin
They might investigate it for many years and find nothingrolling on the floor laughing
made in Russia
i decided f it. i ordered a resin horse and i'll paint it myself. i wanted unpainted ceramic bisque but those are expensive! i have to make my dream a reality.
But, is it final that it disappeared for good?... shock
i've been instructed to request a refund. this is the USPS. it's a gonner
i'll work some magic with this

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Wow, that's really nice!... bouquet
heart beating heart beating heart beating horses heart wings
This terracotta sweetheart here is in my window sill
it is mother and foal, and there 's a story too; kiddoe fell down on a shelf
no way up nor down so mum decided to jump down to die together with her small one.
The sculpture is the size of your under arm.
I met Ørnulf Bast's granddaughter, told her I had one of her grand dads pieces

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The foal?

The farrier is a shoe maker.......all things done and said, upside, downside or luck instead.

Geddy up, geddy down, tight reins with the mane and biddle tight clenched but better not said

Of course Mr horse said Mr Ed (editor)

Drink speights my love. Horses for courses and wild brew.

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