Such a weird tail

Five maybe six weeks ago myself and my eldest sister decided to pass the day away just by going for a drive and taking in the sights. It was decided she'd do the driving so she collected me in her car, which actually once was my mothers but left to her in the will, by mom.

When she pulled up outside, all I could think was the state of it, scratches and dents that were never there before, when I sat inside the condition and upkeep even worse doh
kinda jokingly I said you deserve to be haunted by mother, shameful how you've let it become when mother took such pride in keeping her Focus sparkling clean....I know she said, but in a day or two I'll give it a good cleaning, yeah like I've never heard that one before.. blah

About three weeks ago, sis began telling me how she was being stalked by a wee bird....
Or perhaps I should say the Focus was uh oh
At the time I paid her no attention, after all it was only a wee bird, harmless little critters or so I thought.

Days passed and the stalking continued and she became more annoyed and desperate trying to put a stop to the bird and its weird behavior, so trying to humor her I asked what exactly is this strange behavior the wagtail is doing.... apparently it works in the exact same pattern several times a day.

It jumps and chirps on the roof of the car as if to get her attention dunno
when she looks out through her window it then hops up and down on the side mirror for a few seconds or so, then hops on the passenger door looks into the car when its chirping becomes louder...
As if it's giving out roll eyes laugh
then hops back on the side mirror again shitting and hopping, hopping and shitting, shitting like it it never plans to stop, which it does... afterwards it just fly's away.

As funny as it may sound it actually isn't....
Every time Sis wipes and cleans away the shoite, paint comes off, destroying mothers car even all the more sigh

I've not written this blog to question Could I of put a bad eye on sis......
coincidence only, but at the same time it would make a person like me think hmmm
but seriously is there anything we could do to stop the wagtail and its weird behavior???

Help save moms car in other words rollers sad flower angel

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rolling on the floor laughing

perhaps tether a cat to the mirror?
an owl decoy as a hood ornament will also do the trick
Likewise at first I too laughed till I cried laugh
quietly thought, well that's what you get for not taking better care of the car, then when I saw the damage its doing to the paint work... it's really not quiet so funny after all.

she does have a cat but she has no interest in the bird, has reversed the car just to see will it then use the drivers side instead, but nope. She's put bags on the side mirror but when she does that... it just shits on the passenger door instead.

Seems no getting away from the wag, wonder is this normal bird behavior confused
It can be annoying, I had one using my door mirror as a stool post. I started closing the mirrors and that stopped him,they might be waiting to catch spiders on the mirror. As for the window, birds try to chase other birds away so when they see their reflection in windows they try to chase that away too. This would apply to territorial birds and in the breeding season, so those would be males.
Perhaps your mom fed the bird ??? dunno
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this is Beetle Bird feeder.....attach it to car and hope the bird is German.....
yep shame for car paint and your mums legacy, some folk just do not care.moping
I think I would try a rubber snake to scare the bird. Other than that all you can do is laugh. If she cleaned the car every day she might not have such a problem. My heart would break knowing your Mom took care of it and your sis doesn't, that's a shame.
A pair of Kingbirds nested next to the sliding glass doors on my back porch. They are tiny little bastard monsters. Apparently they hated me or else they saw their reflections and thought another bird was in the territory. The first day I thought it was a Canada Goose making the mess. I have never seen so much crap. Every morning. They will attack anything near their nest too. Anything.

Once I had a pigeon land on my car roof while it was parked and just sit there. I tried to shoo it and when I went inside it hopped, no flying, up my walk and spent the rest of the day and night huddled against the bottom stoop of my front door. When I opened the door next morning it cried out and flew away.
How do Pedro wave
after reading your post, I did suggest to her turning the side mirror in, she's tried that and when she did the wag takes his shitty business to either the roof or the passenger door, its better to have the mess restricted to one part alone.... by any chance was your car a bright blue shade?

Jim, If my mother did have anything to do with it.....
I'm sure she'd have my sis attacked and shat on instead giggle

Thanks for the wee comic wine
Cute dinkie Mr Worthy wink

Not sure what I'm missing with the German comment dunno

Thanks for the suggestion but she's tried something similar.....
and no can do moping

Given this is going on a month now I myself think It's high time she buy a car cover, if she had any respect for its original owner she should..mumbling

Hmmm I wonder is it too soon for an early Christmas present roll eyes

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ExRed & Fay, women of sentimental value bouquet wine

If the car wasn't once mothers pride & joy......
the bird could jump and dump on it morning noon and night for all the hell I'd car,
as you've said, it is a shame sigh
Now why would they hate you Raphaelcomfort
strange though about the pigeon, by any chance did anyone have an accident/injury (self included) or a death anytime shortly after it? daft question perhaps but you know me roll eyes

I've never had much incidents with birds, but this summer for some strange reason i saved a few Crows or ravens, which all ended up injured in my back garden confused dunno
The last one I saved jumped onto my outstretched arm for a few minutes, was a little strange the way he just kept staring at me and just like that, he upped and flew away... no injured birds ever since.
I hope no one was reincarnated as a pigeon!rolling on the floor laughing I believe I figured it out. Exterminators learned that they could get rid of huge pigeon flocks that adopted a roof or building by feeding the lead pigeon a hallucinogenic bit of bird feed reserved just for him/her. The flock abandons the insane weird leader and leaves the site to find a new leader. I think the pigeon was temp insane!!!rolling on the floor laughing There had been a flock of pigeons hanging around a nearby mansion for a year or two!rolling on the floor laughing
As I guess you know, ravens and crows have an uncanny intelligence. I encountered a crow in the woods ages ago and we started a back and forth cluck cluck sound (I mimiced him to start and he almost fell of his perch). After 20 minutes I just left- weird. I later learned crows, esp. individual families and flocks, have a language that communicates all sorts of things. There is a movie about Paemon "Hereditary" that has that same cluck cluck sound as a motif all through it!:
Well if I didn't know it, I know it now handshake

Maybe when he was rolling his eyes in the weird way that he did, he was gifting me with some of his intelligence, either that or he was telepathically stealing some of mine... what do you think roll eyes wink
Maybe the bird looked the car over. Saw what a state it is in, a rolling dumpster..and decided might as well add to the crap cause it looks like sis likes it that way.
Orzzz, believe it or not but that's exactly what her own daughter said to her wine
Kind of you to save them. Yeah, I've heard some experts talk about their eyes and their stare. The intelligence is almost palpable. Some songs from the great plague mention it too-- a bit darker though.
My Uncle had a strange bonding with a wren he fed in his backyard. I used to feed song birds birds daily on my porch but they were very shy.
I'm not if I were kind conversing
earlier this summer after 2/3 days of heavy down pours I discovered two drowned ravens in one of my plant pots, it was a new pot and empty as I hadn't yet gotten round to planting. After discovering them I felt bad, guilty even, if only I had thought to turn the pot upside down, as big as the pot was it wasn't wide enough for them to outstretch their wings to of been able to fly out... sigh

Think it was more about not having anymore birds dying on my watch, in my space... plus I do have a cat cats meow

No truth then to cute little wrens being vicious?

I envy you, wish my grounds/gardens attracted singing birds more so than crows & ravens ...
lucky you wine
not "sure" if I were kind doh

stupid computer mumbling
Hey Celtic, Mind that you're not next.

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My car is black. wave

They're waiting patiently for you. angel

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Pedro, I've heard birds like to do their droppings on blue cars dunno
reasons why I asked.

But what are you like eh?
you leave devilish wishful thinking behind, then fly off wearing an Angels face confused
The birds are very playful. thumbs up That angel is the nearest thing to a bird I could find. angel
So too was Cujo playful and we all know how he ended up uh oh

But right you are, comment taken in a playful way wink wine
It might need a mate. I had two red cardinal here m/f and the female flew into the window down stairs and well it was gone.. The male was here daily admiring its reflection in window for months and left and returned the next year I think...
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