Paragraph Breaks

If I go to read something that is a bit of a long read and I see there are no paragraphs I usually can't or simply won't read it. However I do not think less of the author I just figure I'm cranky.

I enjoy a you tube video by Steve who teaches me a lot of unknown stuff. Often he adddresses his viewers because he gets so many comments, One day he was thanking his viewers and wanted to explain if someone has a question embedded in their comment to please use paragraph breaks, then goes on to explain why.

I'm not remembering his "why" so much now but I am remembering how often I've been annoyed at a written column without those breaks, I giggled. I've actually become blind to the particular authors on whatever site I'm on - if they write like that my mind doesn't even acknowledge them. There is no need to tattle or vent on them to see if anyone agrees or not. I simply don't care what anyone else thinks with the exception of those that I respect let's say my son. I care what he thinks because I respect the hell out of him. We don't always agree with each other and can laugh about it.

Without paragraph breaks I get the feeling of droning on and on like a nagging spouse. I just want you all to know that men nag too, not just wives. My last ex taught me that, I pity the spouse that is married to a nag.
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thumbs up agree with all grin teddybear
Agreed, and sometimes no full stops and no uppercase to start a new sentence. thumbs up
That reminds me of long-winded blogs by ragtopcookie without a single break.

I also agree with you Fay thumbs up

When I see lengthy monologues without any paragraphs, I can't be bothered to read it as it can be very strenuous.

Apart from that, it can also become confusing at times, especially when changing topics.
Hi UnFayzed

Problem is some people don't know when to stop ,or in fact draw a line.grin
Paragraph breaks help keep me from losing my place. Whenever I come against a solid wall of text, I move on.
HA HA Chat - I remember that too Ragtopcookie didn't use paragraphs.....he used " between sentences instead.... and that annoyed my eyes as well.

So I'm not the only one that can't read a long winded blog without paragraphs. I don't feel so cranky now, I just move on - so there are a lot of unread blogs out there.
I almost got a headache just remembering that. Not that they weren't good, it's me getting older and time is shorter....get to the POINT!!

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