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Do they have planes down under or is it canoe only. laugh

They have Donks.

Dire Straits.

Apologies, just more irrelevant musings which should probably be posted on your "I remember" blog but any ways. In Auckland I went to see Dire Straits at Western Springs. I was probably about 18 at the time, many moons ago.

Anyway, I was on the bank at the stadium and watching the amazing firework display but from the bank I also saw from the left, the Black Power (Nasty gang) merging to the centre and the Mongrel Mob (Nasty gang) merging to the centre for a bit of biffo. Nothing happened but looking back in hindsight, I'm glad I was in the centre.

"WASN'T" in the centre, I should have wrote.
The maze sends me into orbit. Start from the beginning and end up posting irrelevance.

Not given lightly. If things were different, which obviousely they aren't.........

Enjoy my love kiss
For where have you gone. Come back, your photos paint a thousand words. Colourful/colorful......makes no difference to me. Let's make, make believe woopy.

You rock Palm. You're like cryptonight from a far away galaxy called venus.

As cheesy as this sounds, I'll post another song mansplaining. YOU ROCK, I won't say c*ck because otherwise that would be I just posted the falice, malice of no return. Not that I'd say c*ck or anything. It's almost like saying, when the cats away the mice do play, not that I'm talking about pussies of course?

Nothing to do with nothing or anything. A soft tender hand reading brail touching the the crevice of your ridged yet steady eloquence what ever way the wind blows. The picture isn't complete yet. Your tat on your stomach speaks volumes. I'd love to dig deeper and use my finger to circumnavigate your true self. You're a beautiful lady, hard woman but you are definitely a Scorpio

heart wings
BTW. As a cancerian, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Nothing to do with nothing, once again but in my defence it made perfect sense.

Baker Street

Expression. Not for the faint hearted......

Pulsating, what shall be will never be
But let me be, comforting you in my world of fantasy.

You're unique,
as I speak but your soft sensual inner thighs leave me weak

Stand and deliver.

57 is made in heaven as the horses hands are a match made in heaven.

My hands are 53 and counting............57 hands high with thoughts of you and I with bridled love heart beating
Hidden yet open. ohh la la my femme fatale

Not my scene let alone the rap crap but the dream was just the same.......hey Juliet,,,,,your face sends me in serenade mode.

Don't stay hidden.

As I said, the music is crap but the intro is something else.

Play your violin, play it like your quiver has never pitched or quivered before like the high notes as I play your deep notes in bass. Deep and meaningful. There's more to this bow than meets the eye.

Bow and cupids arrow. Naughty, naughty girl.
i know you will return cryptwink bouquet
Just more cheese, yet tasty.

Baby come back wave

C'mon Palm, you set the blogishere on fire.

Perhaps she got at time out or something?
Alternatively she badly needed a break.
Regardless, she'll be back one day for sure Bod.


Music reminds me of places and events when they were constantly on the radio. Baker Street and Don Henley's Sunset Cafe remind me of L.A.

But Baker Street reminds me of getting my motorcycle license and all that entails.
Make that, the Sunset *Grill*
And this... coming back from Japan, thinking my orders had been cut for San Diego...
@the behemouth.

On ya bro thumbs up

The Eagles are a classic band. Don Henley. Not only a good drummer but an incredible singer

Elegantly Wasted, yet incontrollable

Mr Dungles, you're saying you haven't got her private number?!

.... bloody moron.


However, she is reading you incognito. No one really leaves this place. She'll be back. comfort

Women need to cave, too.
Obviously I'm a moron, it goes without saying. As for "caves"? Oh my goodness, let me enter. Let me into your world Palm. wave

Let me be the nut dangling from your swaying palm fronds.

ps. Sorry, I got a bit carried away there but in all honesty.........I'm not sorry at all devil
I think it's just sweet Bod, pour your heart out! Hehe
Bloody, her and me go back 11 years (yes at this place) and she have my gmail
however I don't have her phonenumber. So...
it takes some time to get to first base... tellnya rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

@Grand. Cheers bro.

Half the time I'm joking but the other half of me is serious and I just likes Crypto. She's cool. I just like her style. handshake
Im' the same, a good mix.
It's the profession of half trolling, and since I go on light (not heavy)
fuel I'm mostly on the more serious side of the scale, most of the time.

Mate I know how you feel and
with the words of Borat "she a lovely"
I suggest you start saving for a ticket, mate.
She for sure like your hat.
And to your info, I'm invited to take a trip buut after that happened
I see she flirt with you and now I suspect she is having second thoughts.
I think you should have a go first. I can be the backup plan.
I'm, an oldtimer. I know my way around here. I been high and low.
I know the inner workings. Fly there soon, soon as they open America. Mate.
I mean it.
Bo been to shy, it's up to us now.

Oz, your pal.
As I said, I just like her. She's genuine unlike most on here.

Not all kiwis are thick mofos mate. Reality sets in within the blink of an eye. In person, as I've mentioned, I'm pretty happy being on my own but I'm not a loner.

What attracts me to Palm is her subtle world without giving away too much. Sensual, s*xual, and perhaps playful but it's her words that entice me especially her voice and poetry.

She's one in a million and I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't want to (make love to her). Fark her

In the real world, my only release since this Covid BS and lockdown is CS and it just so happens that Palm/Crypto turns me on.

I think she's hot. She's not a show off, she's subtle and sensual.
I created a thread dedicated to palm and she is in my top 4 favourite postersthumbs up
Well said Bd, let me add: I see no reason she can't be a good long term partner too.
Cheers, nuff said for now ay laugh

Proof is in the pudding.

Joke: A Norwegian bloke, a Welshman and a Kiwi step into the bar..........the rest is history

Like I said, she has a certain je ne sais pas thumbs up (aroha)
Back on track and perhaps the flip side'

Dire Straights/straits me hearties.

The 3 same bet who could stay in the pighouse the longest, Welsh siad I'll do 5min, went in but came out after 3 min as the pig farted. Next the kiwi went in with bravado and said I'll do 10min easily. 4 mins went and out came MrBodangels running. Last the nowegian went in, about 10 min want by and then the Pig came running out -

Three horses walk into a bar. One's Welsh, the other a Kiwi, while the third is Norwegian.

The bartender looks up and asks:

"Hey fellas, why the long faces?"
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