Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

The Daily Telegraph.

The French PM has now realised how much his country depended on the UK so rather than negotiate he throws his toys out of the pram.

The French have a history of poking bears with a stick then running away when the bear stands up.

One has to wonder what will happen to France and Germany when other counties follow the UK's lead and leave the EU?

Bit of advice if you have Euros is to sell them quickly as the Euro is destined to collapse within the next 12 months.
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Shite! laugh
Excuse me for saying the obviouse, which would probably go over your head. Do you know what hypocrisy means?

I'll give you an example. Just suppose a man was born in Kenya but lives in England, couch surfing no less.

"One has to wonder what will happen to France and Germany when other counties follow the UK's lead and leave the EU?" Maybe I'm a retard which isn't beyond possibilities but did you leave Kenya when the going got tough? To be honest mate, you'd be the last person I'd listen to.

Just saying uh oh
BoDangles, so what are you really saying?
Think that bumpkin cut and paste:
The economy of Europe comprises about 748 million people in 50 countries. The formation of the European Union and in 1999, the introduction of a unified currency, the Euro, brings participating European countries closer through the convenience of a shared currency and has led to a stronger European cash flow'
Germany spate the dummy by belittling the lifestyles of other members of the European Union, France proclaimed its own financial course, Austria cuddled up to Russia and then Germany agreed to purchase Russian Gas, Germany steadfastly refused to purchase gas been stolen by America, Saudi Arabia and Israel from Syria. America Holland and Belgium, the headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forced occupied Germany into Afghanistan...

From memory off the top of my head, I think you'll find America bailed the EU out three times and Eu has bailed US out twice. America sank the Greek economy, USA had provided Greece with loans then later disclosed the true nature of the contracts was derivatives based. Just one dirty stunt below the UK and sank Iceland
Cut and paste:
This paper shows how rapid privatization and liberalization of Iceland's small local banks around 2000, combined with well-developed crony relations among the elite, enabled a small group of financiers to leverage government-guaranteed deposits into a vast wave of mergers and acquisitions abroad, and redistribute enough of the profits back home to make the economy boom. Negative policy feedback loops were systematically undermined. The incoming left-wing government, with IMF support, has managed to protect the bulk of the population from the worst of the effects.

Italy and Portugal both held large debit and the treatment Germany and Britain melted out lead to Italy joining the One Belt Initiative.
Another cut and paste:
Does France have a floating exchange rate?
Domestic currencies coexist with the euro in a fixed exchange rate regime. For example, 1 euro equals 6.56 French francs. However, the domestic currencies and the euro use market forces to determine their values on the world market in a flexible exchange rate regime (synonymous with a floating exchange rate).

So there is quite a few reasons France isn't happy with the UK decision your American Primes Ministers activities including probably Aunty Liz inability to comprehend the extent of countries dislike for the usual method of funding economies by creating constant flow of mass murder. France stood up and told the world no one nation can again control international settlements and America controls you silly POME B's because the UK is sucking up to Biden and his stated position that America needs a war to rejuvenate its economy so has Australia and Canada.
So I cannot fathom how you perceive going down with America will strengthen the quid/peso your heading for long before 748 million people in 50 countries that make up the EU group of nations laugh
""when other ""counties"" follow the UK's lead and leave the EU?

What countie?, for a professor, you sure do talk shit. (Did I say that out loud?). Perhaps you meant COUNTRY.

Just saying rolling on the floor laughing
@aluzeda I'm with you, both bodang and op are as clear as mud. There appears to be a wrangle over fishing rights and the rancour is escalating. So there is some squabbling going on.
Shyte! init drinking purple heart

Let them rot on their litte coocoon.
There is other prosperous counties (lol) to deal with.

And for those 2 members who wonder:
I'm with Uk on this one.
In T we trust!

Can you explain that in English?

Where did I say the UK will go down with the US?

The UK has a sovereign currency, namely the UK sterling and as such has no interest in the Euro.

In all your waffle you forgot to mention that we (UK) voted to join the Common Market, not an EU, but some lame PM decided without any input from the UK's population to agree to the EU.

The Blair administration then handed all the UK's power to the EU commission on a false promise he would be made the first EU president.

As far as I can see the EU is just a way to put more money and power into Germany/France. The very fact the EU is trying to destroy the UK for daring to leave is reason enough for the rest to leave.
Another one who judges a book by the cover.

As it happens, I left Kenya to get educated in the UK, so nothing whatsoever with it being tough.
Can you explain that in English?
I did, not my fault you can't read copy and paste from my post above:
extent of countries dislike for the usual method of funding economies by creating constant flow of mass murder. France stood up and told the world no one nation can again control international settlements and America controls you silly POME B's because the UK is sucking up to Biden and his stated position that America needs a war to rejuvenate its economy so has Australia and Canada.

You should learn to read son
"Another one who judges a book by the cover.

As it happens, I left Kenya to get educated in the UK, so nothing whatsoever with it being tough."

Ohhhh, I get it now. So you left Kenya to get educated? Probably a dumb question but even a liberal lefty like yourself might understand the following convoluted question. If you're so left inclined, shouldn't you go back to Kenya and teach? Or is that beyond you as you preach from the pulpit.??

Do you drink champagne from your dizzying heights or is that only reserved for socialists?

Do you know which side your bread is buttered on or do you just throw crumbs to all and sundry that listen to your hypocrisy. You're hilarious mate.
Judging again Bo?

How do you know if I have ever worked in Kenya or not?

Are you stalking me? A fair question I think
The only way America can gain financial security is through a war you say, so why do you think the US is stirring up so much shit in the China sea.

But maybe this time they have bitten off more than they can chew, Biden is too weak to start any war especially against a nation with almost limitless personnel and who can get support from Russia and India if pushed into a corner.
yeah you got that part right, China wont tolerate another occupation of its territories by opium pushing USA & UK that's certain, also of course most one belt initiative member states stand steadfast in support of the Chinese initiative that won't be controlled by the USA and therefore won't settle trade in US$$. Member states includes Russia, Pakistan, South Africa, Arab states Iran, some South American & Asian nations like North Korea, Vietnam (probably) certainly Malaysia and Indonesia.
However the point i am responding to now, is its outrageous that you keep disrespecting the views of others in your comments, because there are lots of good folks on here that you often throw crap at, certainly you come across as a commie prick and i think that is very unfortunate, because Conrad and other members i can think of, have lots to contribute in these soughs of subjects !!
Rob, if you read my posts I only ever speak out against those who make personnel comments to me first.

But thank you for your comment, it is appreciated.
doh doh i do not care what shyte is spouted i can see things (in the future) being better for uk being able to make

OWN FOOD with own ingredients.
EXPORT to whoever
and on and on and on.

We can all hang out together under our own cultural values without being in prisonsnowed in
your welcome, I understand we are all different and hope we all derive benefit from sharing views on CS.

A lot of us have been around a long time and its been interesting trying to track all the goings on.

I've never ceased keeping an eye on international affairs, was watching a long time before the hunt-brothers pulled Regan economic stunt.
I watched some aspects of the international monitory system, also while in Vietnam there were five currencies circulating after there =while in India, most of the travelers around were carrying US$ travel cheques the value of there money took a 32% fall.
Myself I carried Swiss Franks, which i think still today is backed by 20% by gold holding, that be 20% more than any other currency,
I really don't think the US$ value hold up much longer, even though they passed the 28 T$ two month funding package. Internal debit might still wreck havoc, perhaps late December and the UK quid I dunno.
EU is refusing to enter into a trade deal with Australia, well they wont discus one at least until early next year.

China is not going to backdown as its excising its right to govern its territories even though they have drawn a long bow. They sailed the south china sea many many moons ago, historically they certainly occupied Vietnam, Northern Philippines and Malaysia, but never Tibet, that's was never occupied by Han Chinese.
Taiwan has always been part of China of course Taiwan was inhabited by Aboriginal peoples, and so was Malaysia and probably west Papua and i think the Australian Aboriginal traveled down through that region.
So China has stretched its claims based on historical facts preceding the time they were occupied by USA & UK, and what they are now saying even though the white devil war mongers beat the drums of war, China is more correct than the war mongers will ever be.

Enough is enough America and Britain as well as there arsewipers will no longer be able to fund lavish lifestyles by killing millions of innocence peoples across the globe... doh
Rob,the goldbacking of the Swiss Franc was removed in 2000!

The Swiss franc has historically been considered a safe-haven currency, with a legal requirement that a minimum of 40% be backed by gold reserves. However, this link to gold, which dated from the 1920s, was terminated on 1 May 2000 following a referendum. By March 2005, following a gold-selling program, the Swiss National Bank held 1,290 tonnes of gold in reserves, which equated to 20% of its assets.

In November 2014, the referendum on the "Swiss Gold Initiative", which proposed a restoration of 20% gold backing for the Swiss franc, was voted down. WIKI
Oh Ok thank you Conrad
So the Swiss governments held back 20% of the gold in reserve. That still the case?
There is no Goldbacking of the Swiss-Franc!
It has become just another Fiat-Currrency!
Thanks for your reply Conrad
I understood from your first reply the Frank is not underwritten by Gold. And I accept that no problem but the Swiss Bank maintains the world's 8th largest official gold reserves, with holdings of 1040 tonnes of gold. These gold reserves are owned by the State but held by the Swiss National Bank (SNB).
So in effect its the same thing the State holds tons in reserve e.g.

Under Switzerland’s national gold reserve policy, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) holds and manages Switzerland’s gold reserves. This policy is derived from the Swiss Federal Constitution which grants the SNB its independence and mandate. Article 99 of the Constitution requires that the SNB hold sufficient currency reserves / foreign exchange reserves, part of which must be in the form of gold according to this site:

Which underwrites Swiss Frank to the tune of about =% whatever that is. e.g.

There are about 47 million 1,000 franc notes in circulation, amounting to 10.5 percent of the number and 62 percent of the value of all banknotes in Switzerland, according to the SNB.5 Mar 2019
The Swiss Gold Initiative or ‘Save our Swiss Gold’ campaign was a Federal popular initiative launched by members of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) in 2011 with the intention of altering the Swiss Federal Constitution.

The “Gold Initiative”, full name “A Swiss Initiative to Secure the Swiss National Bank’s Gold Reserves”, culminated with a referendum on 30 November 2014 which asked the Swiss population to vote on three proposals concerning Switzerland’s national gold reserves:

The gold of the Swiss National Bank must be stored physically in Switzerland
The Swiss National Bank does not have the right to sell its gold reserves
The Swiss National Bank must hold at least twenty percent (20%) of its total assets in gold.

Although the referendum was not successful and did not get the required majority of votes on the day, it did force the Swiss National Bank to divulge a lot more information about the Swiss gold reserves than it ever otherwise would have revealed, and also showed up the SNB to be inconsistent in its continual excuses for opposing the referendum motions.

When i asked you a few years ago I felt uneasy about your expressed opinion that time to.
Switzerland is the most distrusted country in Europe, a neutral country that remains "neutral" until they can make money out of whatever circumstances are happening.
Might be but not by me because that is not what found in Switzerland.
I have visited their three times was not long after thirteen months in Vietnam that had caused a few troubles in de’head.
Kind folks I met on a beach in NZ showed me another path I decided to follow. I traveled across the world round and round three times and on each occasion I visited Switzerland.
Each time was during winter and of course broke I hitched around washed dishes in a small village called Bivio high up in the mountains.
Bivio Julier Pass (2284 m) is a mountain pass in Switzerland and during winter was of course covered in snow. I think today it is a Ski resort however in early 1970’s was small village where farmers (good people ) and there cows waited out the winter mostly drinking snaps and singing till the wee small hours.
Also I stayed in Gyrenbad a small village near Hinwil, each day I fed, removed the stikstof, daily I brushed 27 Brown Swiss cows, drank snaps and taught spoken english to most of young people in the village. Good people.
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site
Looks incredible Rob. You've got your own slice of heaven there. Your previous photos haven't gone un-noticed either.

thumbs up

You're a good man, most vets are cheers
France is in dire need of a new better PM that doesn't think with his a**hole.
To be honest Rob, it's bringing a tear to my eye. Lump in the throat and that. thumbs up
I'm alive still, however I've not yet been lawfully discharged out of NZ army (theyliealot), keep hoping (before I die) they will one day respect Privacy Commissioners court, the Human Rights Review Tribunal findings and my appeal in the NZ High Court (2002) all found in my favor and await a long time outstanding right to a lawful disengagement prescribed in the original regular army attestation document that the HC upholds. Is an agreement both army and i entered into on 10th day March 1964...
I remain in Her Majesties NZ armed forces, the army, longest severing soldier in NZ recorded history... frustrated so cry not my friend i've done enough of that for all of us wave
PS I'm not there I;m here in the land of OZZ
Swiss farmers are very clever duds the region is covered in snow all winter.

Last picture shows cows that were let out to play in the snow, otherwise they spend the whole winter inside big barn. When i was there it was owned by someone living in Zurich. The cows Brown Swiss DNA goes to Afghanistan, stayed inside 24/7 I got to feed & brush each cow every day, and in exchange food, shelter and money which i was extremely grateful for.
The middle picture displayingb a big green tiled square has bed on left side looking at image. Was recently photographed inside Peter & families house nearby neighbors not far from the farm with the big barn.
The picture displays a very large fire box, not sure how it was built, but tiles cover concrete, the bed is a slab of concrete (EOE) its quite a large fire (two or three fence posts size lumps of wood) is lite in the kitchen and the absorbed by the mass of heat by concrete/rocks (dunno) the box was built of, it radiates heat out for about 24 hours enough heat that heats a two/three story house.
Underneath the area in front of the fire box (when i was there) few cows lived, they were milked and the milk was sold to the village butter/cheese/yogurt maker, they also generated heat that warmed the house...wink
How true, or at least one his mother wife doesn't control.
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