Ariana Grande

Like you've never seen her before wow

I figured she might be a little 'green behind the ears', but....

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Apparently, the full moon has different effects on different people........or maybe it's just Halloween. wink

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Thanks for that info C.
I just saw it in the news and I thought it was humorous.
She lives in a private community not far from me and I pass there to and from a few of my projects. Paparazzi are often parked along the roadway to catch shots of her coming and going.
I'm glad, that I'm not famous.
Jim... you're famous on CS. Some members often blog about you!
I don't care about that.
I just don't want people waiting for me in person
to come outside and follow me around
everywhere I go.
I'd never be able to take any nature photos, or enjoy my life other ways.
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