Today is chilly, overcast and essentially a bit dreary.
However, yesterday, ah yesterday, was mostly sunny
and the autumn foliage was near peak.
Indeed, at it's peak, depending upon where the camera was pointed & focused.

Thus, I capitalized on the nice weather yesterday and had fun snapping well over 120 photos
between about noon and 4:30 pm, as I hiked several miles through woods, fields, and along lakes.
Towards the end I noticed that my camera battery was getting low, but no big deal, I had 3 others
fully charged in my pocket.

Most of the photos were of the trees & their colorful leaves.
But, prior to that, I also got some terrific novel innovative Halloween decorations on one property,
and much later on shortly before leaving the woods, I encountered a large patient snake, who posed for the camera as well.

All the shots turned out terrific. thumbs up
I cropped them all to an 8 by 10 (or 10 by 8) perspective last night.

You eventually may get to see a few of them. I haven't decided on that yet.
I may reserve that for elsewhere instead.

Either way, I hope you had as much fun as I did yesterday.
Happy autumn to you all. head banger

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Jim no better day can be spent as that JMO of courseteddybear
I certainly enjoyed it. Perhaps others wouldn't. dunno
Part time lover....
My all time
He's certainly had an amazing career with a lot of hits along the way.
I guess Sir Duke would be my favorite.
But, just for you, PTL live;

Thankyou ..sweetheartkiss
You are quite welcome t tip hat
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