It's hard to find someone that cares

The world we live in is so judgemental. There's a saying "A picture is worth a 1000 words", well most of those words aren't nice. Here's another, "Never judge a book by it's cover." Well that's what everybody does cuz they don't care or just don't wanna put in the time to under stand what or who every it may be that is in front of them. Were all bad company to each other till the day we all die but it shouldn't be that way. We all want to find that speical someone but in this world its so hard to find someone who would care about you for who you are but it's so f*cking sad that its easy enough to find someone to look down at you. Everybody's mind is clouded by their own judgement and fear but most of all there selfishness and being stuck up on thereselfs. You really don't need to hear it from people mouths cuz their eyes say's it all. People don't know is that being judgemental is like being racist but it sucks cuz you can change for the better but no matter what, the world wont change at all. Its hard for a man to try to talk to a women and ask for her number and its hard for a woman to even trust a man cuz of all that's been happening but if we all use good judgement and common sence people would be a little more smarted and safe. Really everbody wants is to find their place in life but we all have to understand that people will always try to keep us down from what we want and we have to fight that. If your strong enough and believe in yourself you will over come anything and anybody and you'll find your place in life and find that speical someone to share it with. Oh yeah one more thing when you have a good thing in front of you and opportunitie hits don't every let it go!
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