Profile Photo - A Matter Of Debate

I have witnessed the Debate here on CS , over NOT Having a Photo on Profile , so many times ...
I really wonder , the people who make it a matter of debate , do they even think about it logically before starting to make it such a big deal !!! hmmm

After all , it's just about Personal Choice on a dating site like this CS...

If someone Feels Good to Show their Photo Publicly , that's Fine...

And If someone Don't Want to Show it Publicly , that's Also Should be Fine ...

No One Should Question or Complain about the Personal Choice anyway ...

This type of sites , where it's NOT NECESSARY , to mention your Full Official Address , Contact Details , Identification Number or even your Official Name , PUBLICLY ON THE PROFILE , then there is NO reason to put your Personal Photo PUBLICLY ON THE PROFILE as well..

Because , just like other Personal Information mentioned , your Photo is also a very crucial part of your BASIC PRIVACY & SAFETY matters ...

And specially in a site , where is NO GUARANTY to make your Photo Secure after uploading Publicly , as in here on CS , I have noticed before many times , when peoples' photo was Morphed and Posted openly on Public Forum Without their advance Permission , I find it's EXTREMELY UNFAIR for the SITE AOUTHORITY to ask the members to put their Personal Photo Publicly ...

Certainly , to Identify and to Decide a Potential Date , Appearance plays a vital role..

You can always share your Photo Privately with Someone Specific when it comes to Select a Date Online...
The Choice to Share your Photo Privately with the ones you are willing to , is Always There ...

And for just Profile Decoration , the SITE MUST be flexible enough to ALLOW any OTHER types of DECENT IMAGES (like Nature , Art , Qouatation etc.) In the place of Profile Picture ...
Just make sure , NO One Uses FAKE PHOTO (Borrowed From Someone Else wink ) as a Profile Pic ...

Yes .. It's good to have an option to post Pictures on Profiles .. But Just As Optional , Not as Obligation ... thumbs up
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That's some new angle to think about it !! wow

But I think Religion is totally IRRELEVANT here ..
I guess I never saw it that way, maybe I was wrong. Whish means it must be.
It's certainly up to the individual, as to whether to post a photo or not.
It's up to the site, as to what are the rules regarding that photo.

I like having a photo of myself, because it rapidly identifies my blogs to the readers as belonging to me
with just a glance.

While I can certainly understand the reasons you choose not to post a photo,
if a motive for being on this site includes dating, you would likely attract more candidates with a photo of yourself. However, that is somewhat less important, if you are the person who initiates contact.

So to each their own. cheers

Most people on a site like CS , are NOT that much religious , for sure ... wink

Well.. Most people online , are not what they seems ... Photo or No Photo ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Exactly my point... Choice is Yours/Ours..

As I've mentioned , sharing Photo does not mean you have to share Publicly , you can share it Privately as per your Choice and Convenience ...

Besides , many times , it infact draws Unwanted Attention on a large scale , if there's a Photo on profile .. giggle
I took my photos down a few months ago. I was tired of receiving messages from men looking for a God fearing woman..from different countries...or, wanting me to go to another site or email them...My block list was getting too long.

It is a personal choice though.

Exactly !! wow

And you know what's my experience says !!
I just posted some creative artistic pictures , not even any real human face , and yet it results into so many unwanted views and responses !!
laugh laugh
Whether it is or it isn't, I'm not so sure now. It's not easy.

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