calling BS

there's the school of life. we all went, some passed, some didn't.
some make up for their inadequacies by blaming misinformation or conspiracy groups when it's all so very simple.
anyone who's worked in sales or customer service KNOW there's BS a'plenty. some of us use our noodle + life experience to make decisions. it is the most ignorant and arrogant to make the assumption that a segment of the population is so easily programmed.
there are some dummies who like to blame last year's president for votes or choosing the "right" laundry detergent. like 9 out of 10 Faucis make it legit.
sales is the oldest profession. one doesn't have to lift a skirt to be a prostitute. corporate pimps don't need a goblet or stable, they just need Johns. my name isn't John. how about you?
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Are you saying my name is John? Because it isn't. It's Raphael. I never played for you know what in my life!very mad
Juan, go paint some nudes
the disinformation is the idea that there is no idea other than what is peddled. got an original idea? crash, bam, it's Trump. baby, my ideas VOTED for Trump, not the other way
McBob thoroughly enjoys your emask ulation of the Retardant Left...
..our participation here wanes because it's too late..
We have an actual naval blockade on our Left coast-- I'm getting daily updates*..
And the East Coast has an appointment with a big WAVE.

* Channel : I allegedly. ) The irony is, as Dan reports, he always positions himself among the most scenic spots CA has to offer.
Don't know what you wrote over on Jim's world serious blog....but it must have struck one of his pinko nerves..
i'm always super happy to strike a nerve. thumbs up
Nice horsey....them things are expensive.
loser bf's are more expensive
I think I would dare to suggest loser gf's can be a pain in the wallet at times too lol laugh
Grand, let's get horses
yes, one for you and one for me
The following Libs are making the Volcano angry.
Jim...Riz...Raphael... harbinger of Pudding..

professor ...yeah, eYe know
..makes as much sense as my Toyota being
Responsible for climate change...and / or untimely Buffalo migration.
P $ 72 Pinto runabout would do 80...
...if you kept your foot down on the pedal for an hour...grin
My Mitsubishi cold will reach thermal velocity if driven off a cliff Bob rolling on the floor laughing
colt it was, wahtnott laugh
Nice horse and good to see you back.
I would post an insult Bob, but impossible to improve on natural stupidity.
(Image of Beavis and Butthead)

"He said 'harbinger of pudding.'

"Heh heh heh heh."

thumbs up
P S A..) you romper room primates who talk..err, copy paste policy BS all day long @ CStepford Institute
Have served notice to thinking persons.
..a 24/7 full yellow court press is evidence- all by itself- you lack A LIFE..( and / or wife.

Then there is the subtle suddenness of your stupor a MAN brings up & down all manner of Evidence to bear on all your Delusion [ s.

Heres to shutting up / Superchunk
The I D. / Gray
Get ready / new Order.
..A R ] eYe Q./ The wake
All of life is flux,
Soon nothing but memories;
Treasure those memories;
May you ride in the paddocks,
Of Eternity

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