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This is a topic that destroys hearts and dreams. Today's relationships don't even last a year because one is either confused, sacred or a player. People say relations can't work without both mates loving each other. That's only one of three and believe it or not it's not number one of the three. The first is TRUST! In order to build a long relationship you need trust. Without it there is no relationship. With trust comes responsibility, the responsibility of holding someones heart in your hand without dropping it. The second is Respect! You must respect each other in every way. Ever body is different and that makes us special. We all don't think alike and we see the world differently. Now the final is LOVE! People don't understand that when you tell someone you love them your telling that person everything with just that one word. That word love is so powerful that it can be used to show a person your feelings but can lead into confusion and even betrayal. The feeling can change you in so many ways, negative and positive. Its in human nature to love, every man and women graves it, especially at hard and lonely times. Today when people look for relationships they look at what they are and not for who they are. Plan and simple there's no such thing as the perfect relationship but that doesn't mean when times are bad and the relationship is rocky in whatever way that one should give up on the relationship and brake ones heart because of fear. I hope ever body finds that special someone and enjoys life with that person, I wish every body luck.
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I agree totally. Most relationships end because of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of living up to ones expectations. Fear of stable-ability to provide. Other things include just plain lust. Which I believe falls back on the betrayal thing. Yes we all have needs, wants, and desires, but lets face it. If you can't wait for (sex) the rewards of true love then aren't you just using each other? After all, sex is just a physical emotion. Its easy to confuse emotion with love. They are not the same thing. Love is a logical term that has the benefits of a physical emotion. Its all to easy to just go through the benefits without any strings attached. Bottom line....Build your trust in each other first (responsibility), respect each other or move on (remember respect means honesty), Then you can tell that special someone YOU LOVE THEM AND MEAN IT!

Theirs other thing I could say here, but this is the basics for a lasting relationship. If only we'd all follow it....
All i can say, love, r words unspoken.......there are no words..

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