5.4 e.Q...{ f. Black smoke

McTag. } Day 49 of La Palma tragedy

Just reported 20 mins. Ago.
..the Anger of the Volcano is similar to Mt. St. Helen
Before it exploded circa 05 / 1980.
NY prepper got a YouTube strike for reportage contrary to the Zombie M$M.
Standby...) ...
.black hole & revelation / Muse
Dig your own hole / chem.brothers
Eve of Destruction / McGuire
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4 scary words from the Volcano...
Biden..McChanges... Nuclear... Doctrine.
Mr Agent check this out....La Palma probably coming to fruition even though I thought we had it under control....It's all been HAARP coming from Norway.....will see

Check out the Shhh... vid

Affirmative. A great mountain on Fire & tossed into the sea.
.. McBob can neither confirm or deny the H A A R P
Thingy. He is a pool man ..
..role playing as Dee Jay of Future $hock...

... foraging for crickets & worms
Pecking away at a Land between Consonants
..and eYe wait for the surfacing of the worms
Themselves; the Ancient Hebrew Vowels
..when written, rising like dark Fish in dots & dashes
From below the consonants..- H Lazer..( 1975.
..after an UN equivocal experience of the subsisting Federal government, you are called upon to DE Liberate on a new Constitution for the U S of A.
. The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in it's consequences nothing less than the existence of the Union, the safety and welfare of the parts of which it is composed; the fate of an Empire-- in many respects, the most interesting in the world..- Federalist 01..A. Hamilton.[ 1787.
Hmmm... I was wondering myself if HAARP had anything to do with it???uh oh

I think it's now the calm before the storm???uh oh
Took notice of the Spanish view from the scene itself...they are semi- buried in ash. People moping about in complete despair...FAMINE is in play
...the Government is overwhelmed.
... several truufers have called out Bushcraft Bear
For trying to put lipstick on this demon pig.
.. however, I like his style...what is he supposed to do/ say ?
How would you react to seeing your whole state & way of life destroyed ?
NY prep.} New lava flow resembling 2 red hot hands
Reaching for the sea...
.. another witness..} it's not calming down-- it's relentless..

McBob.} Special Edition in progress.
...on previous occasion, you have heard, er McSeen
That eYe have inferred certain persons are making the Volcano angry.
..To explore the physics of such , eYe must resort to common Core Math aka gematria.... exhibit A..
....1635....( The number & matches..
Good vs. Evil.
...spying and creeping into other peoples affairs.
Shadow of the cults..
Roman Catholic priests making false accusations.
..Chaos is the manifestation of evil.
..[ original search term ]
C / 3...U / 200 M / 30 ..B / 2 ...R / 80.. E / 5
....V / 700 . I /9.. E/ 5.. J/600 A/1...= 1635.
..cumbre Vieja means, OLD PEAK.

Ripper the Empath.} Ergo, the old peak is Angry.
The strong Dictionary comments
1121. Old
.........} = Cumbre Vieja
1406. peak.
2527.* Hot / heat

* Precisely what eYe expected per the 1st law..
Despite muy change the system remains caliente..
Consider the ramifications if:

Canary islands eruption. Slump, Triggering Tsunami hitting US East Coast.

Old Faithful supervolcano finally letting loose.

Didn't Shatner hint at a coming catastrophe?

"Never let a crisis go to waste."
Just the other day...
BcB. ) Bushcraft Bear.." the Volcano is quiet."
NY prep..( that same day..

McBob.} Volcano duty is tricky, perplexing, dead serious business.sigh

One thing is certain. ) The people of La Palma were given 331 reminders yesterday-- ENTROPY IS A REAL HOT BYTCH.
350 E Q.s...a new record.
..the E Q swarm began on 9/11/21...
Standby. } The beat goes on.
... switching to Glide

Goodbye blue sky / p Floyd
Sulphur English / Inter Arma
..good morning $tarshine, the Earth says...
sad flower
"It's looking Apocalyptic.." - Bushcraft Bear
La Palma shockwave; something massive is coming.

Channel } Shaking my head productions.

McBob. ) Early Wednesday I had the ATE dream
Airborne Toxic Event.

Yes. The Volcano is being manipulated. Seismic Activity @ near constant beginning 9/11/21.
Yeah it's pretty dangerous situation.

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