Happiness comes in many forms.

For sinkworthy oops seaworthy

Re your list below of sleepers .

Tiger Moth

For pure productivity and focus, it seems there is nothing better than a list. Plus you get the added satisfaction of ticking it off when you’re done which is “a surge of happiness.”

I'm delighted to be the source of such happiness to yourself.

Carry on hug
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And may we never wake up. sleep
I feel honoured and humbled, to be on the same list as so many respected bloggers.cheers
pretty awesome list to be on
Maybe I can find Sea a life raft at a yard sale somewhere.
I've never been a member of an exclusive club before. cool
I'm sigining up too.
I wanna be where zman is cos he must be
something of the most balanced around here,
when he finally show up that is.

Besides I as a rule wanna side with the ones being pointed fingers at.

Love your enemy Seaworthy!
Whos said that?

According to the unsinkable one, we are the most ignorant, acerbic, arrogant, prideful useful idiots he knows, and that man knows a lot of idiots, believe me.

Forgive me, Father, for I am committing the sin of pride.
@ harbottle

Just remember I'm above you in rank according to the list of honorary members.wink
You are not taking my ambitious nature into account, Tiger, I mean to work my way up the ranks. drinking

We must also take into consideration that the list is reputedly growing .

Actually I'm quite partial to my title

Informally it points to something or someone that becomes unexpectedly successful or important after a period of being unnoticed, ignored, or considered unpromising or a failure.

Watch this spacerolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ahh, jaa that type of christianity that made it so easy for new members to feel drawn
cos their high ceiling ad loving attitude? ahh that one.. laugh
Is one asleep if one think Covid is real not not released on purpose? (yeap)
Is one asleep if one think 5G can not talk to the injected substance? (yeap)
Is one asleep if you ....zzz... hav e...zz..zzz.problems finding...zzz... more..zzz .....sleep
@ grand

You be careful ,the terminator might have his eye on you .laugh hug

No worries ,just work your way up the ranks as I think sinkworthy has run out of names to add to the list.grin
Do one get closer to salvation if one condemn people? confused
Just curious, did Molly return?
@ grand

Guess it depends . I would have thought taking the Lord's name in vain and dragging it on to a dating site would be blasphemous, as some posters do , and would have them deeply concerned .angel
Re Molly

Don't think so more's the pity.sigh
I personally have no problem with preaching on here.
Remember a guy named Ali??? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

No, just saw her name on the blacklist.
Wondered how anybody could see if she was asleep or not.
I have a qualified guess (again) regarding her thou.
I think she is asleep about 1/3 of the time.
Call it a hunch.

purple heart
If God put Trump in the Whitehouse, as some claim, he surely wouldn't think twice about putting a lying ratbag bastard on an internet forum. dunno

Unless , of course, someone else put him there. devil
Morning Harbottle wave

Some posters are good at self promotion and following their elected leader. Reminds me of lemmings.

A person who follows the will of others, especially in a mass movement, and heads straight into a situation or circumstance that is dangerous, stupid, or destructive: These lemmings that eat up conspiracy theories are so blinded by lies, they don't even see the cliff they're about to plummet over.

Embedded image from another site
But being told you are asleep if you don't agree with me and do as I say is a vey powerful force to resist. uh oh
@ harbottle

Well being asleep saves you from following the lemmingsrolling on the floor laughing
Wouldn't it be awful if the Lemmings were actually those posting the misinformation and cherry-picking from government reports to infer that the vaccines are not working?
@ Rizlared

Don't spill your coffee.grin:
Embedded image from another site
Like others on the blog I must say I'm disappointed to be so near the bottom of list sigh to that end......

Many here I'm sure remember as youngsters going into town shopping where you were almost certain to be accosted by a man with a sandwich board, "The End of the World is Nigh", (though the word Nigh was normally misspelt as they didn't have spell check back then) laugh was a favorite of theirs, dressed in a heavy grey coloured wool coat and rain dripping from a droopy hat, time was such people like that would normally eventually end up locked away in we used to call The Loonie Bin wow then care in community came along, so now they make their stand on the internet. Being of a rather precarious mental state they can't make on a political website so instead peddle their lies on dating site doh Still at least we should take some comfort from the fact they are warm and dry and not standing in the rain outside a supermarket thumbs up

There that should move me up the list, at least closer to Riz grin
Hi mountainman wave

Think this list will be the shortest in history and we are the chosen few.Got a feeling a higher authority removed it and I don't mean "sinkworthy"grin
Wake up everyone. Did I actually read that this was due to satanic rites or am I still asleep ?????

wow doh help
Oops. Forgot to post the link.

I'm more convinced than ever that this "man" is a dyed in the wool troll, winding people up, causing them to waste their time searching for evidence to refute his wild claims. I won't be responsible for enabling him any more. I humbly suggest that others also ignore his wild accusations, I know, people just want to ram his lies back down his throat but as has already been said "don't feed the trolls". We should think about applying that approach to some of the other blatant liars on here.

Just my tuppence worth.

Morning Fluffy,

It beggars belief that grown men would post such garbage ,and yes ,best left to their own devices.

Fifth, is ok I spose.

But getting beaten by Ches is like losing an arm wrestle with your little sister.
"Happiness comes in many forms"
Fellow sleepers, I'm not at all "happy" today, as today I found out "government agencies, big corporations, MSM, or NGOs; an example of the latter, the Open Society Foundation, which funds at least 150 other organizations beholding to George Soros" are paying Jim to write blogs, and I'm not seeing a penny of it very mad what if I promise not to make any derisory comments about Old Farty, would they cut me in on the deal dunno

Just saw this and apologise for feeding the trolls, I will try not to do so again.

But sometimes the disrespect and lies is just too much for me to hold backinnocent
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