Human nature...

It's been through the ages that people need something to complain about. They feel better after doing it. If CS didn't have Jim to obsess on, it would only be... Well, you know.

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Attraction is human nature. Some people act like diks but there's always some-one that digs

It's human nature
I think most of you are way to obsessed with politics....

Maybe get out in the real world..

Go for a walk...appreciate the beauty outside of your homes.

Maybe so, but if there were fewer lies and bs filled blogs, then those doing rebuttals would also cease to comment or create blogs and normality would return without all the negativity.
People who can't accept reality rarely feel well for long.
So, they do everything in their power to deny or draw attention away from reality.
But, it's a failed effort, as reality eventually ends up biting them hard.
So, they take it out on others, especially when the others are right. head banger
Exactly ! thumbs up
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