BLM looking forward to some early Black Friday looting once Rittenhouse is acquitted

KENOSHA, WI—Black Lives Matter activists across the country are looking forward to some early Black Friday looting once Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted.

Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting and killing a p*dophile and a kidnapper after they tried to kill Rittenhouse.

BLM has taken up the cause of being mad at Rittenhouse because he killed two horrible people during their riot last summer.

“You can’t just defend yourself like that at a Black Lives Matter riot,” local BLM Chairperson Jerome McStinky said. “Therefore, if that kid is acquitted, we is going to loot the s**t out of the m*******r.”

D’Skank Jones has been eyeing a new pair of Nikes ever since the trial started.

“Mmmm, I’ma get me some of those new Blazers girl! That boy better not get acquitted,” Jones said.

President Joe Biden has weighed in, saying that BLM should be able to loot on days besides Black Friday as a matter of principle.

US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has demanded that they change the name of “Black Friday” to “Friday of Color”.

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there might be a few more Rittenhouses out there!laugh
It's NOT Looting scold They're Grief Shopping ... grin

^^^^^^^^^^rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh
You know, They could start a side business for the upcoming holiday season. Instead of GrubHub - maybe Grab-N-Go or instead of DoorDash - Dash-Out-Da-Door. You place an order and for a nominal fee get your order. A lot of people could get their shopping done early....laugh
Was a time when BLM meant black live matter in response to police murder , now it means black looters matter.
Just saw that the National Guard has been called up in advance in Kenosha. Talk about your "blue light" specials...
Why doesn't joe biden tell the blm to stand down in kenosha? confused
They probably have lost control over their Brownshirts!
Reckon so
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