Should one take pot shots

At those who like
To create turmoil
On a website like this?

Why not indeed?
Rubbish presenting as intellect
Should be shown and seen
As the vapid thinkers they are

Don't you think?
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Everyone has the ability to take pot shots Fargo, it must be a God given right and a privilege we all must indulge in.. So Happy shooting season in the blogs Fargo... wave

the pot calling the kettle black
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All that hate is gonna burn you up, Farg.
i think you need more soy sauce.
ff, "ACME" is really not the place to order from, ask Wylie, he'll say it's so. laugh
Lee! LOL

A little while back, one of the other Yapping Denialists struck me the same way. I posted a picture of Wile E. in one of his blackened and singed post-kablewi poses.

Great minds.
Ah yes Bo, I get a kick as well out of the lunacy of such self appointed targets, laugh cheers
don't i think, you're a lonely old man? yes
My mouse trap just went "SNAP" another "mole" caught, laugh
moles should be evaluated. they could be cancerous
I'm starting to think he has a pouch> (joey)? Are you there>?rolling on the floor laughing
the op is busy searching demure Chinese ladies
It is not about taking potshots, it's about showing up lies, misinformation and disinformation posted to just cause confusion.
@crapto you resort to trite shyte don't you. Your stupid stereoype of demure Chinese? They're as stroppy as you, but typically better educated by far, and wittier - in my experience. What cliche crap you speak! Is that your concept of a potshot?
You both should invest in a rear view mirror. professor
Rear view? Of what? your or her arse? Neither please. A boot is somewhat more tempting perhaps.
My meaning here is simply that several (many) people post palpable rubbish, and I post the question as to whether they should be opposed or ignored. I think challenge is appropriate.
as examples dedo bohe grubby-commie (forget his monicker) and to balance it a little, one-eyed gymno.
bigotry should be named and shamed, don't you agree?
Free Insults*

* (Submit your comment, below)

rolling on the floor laughing
well @lcbr I had little expectation of an intelligent comment, and unsurprisingly I was not let down, was I?
ff, you insult folks here daily. Nice attitude. comfort
Bentlee features jaundice and dessication in his visual imager.laugh
Crapto has a special place in Bo's library.
psssssssst hey ralph, your other other was more better way more better, applause laugh
Oh no, crypt posts an offensive racial stereotype that insults both men and women. Bad enough in men and sad when seen in a female.

Maybe this woman has not spent time in other countries but that is still no excuse. SMH
@itw yes she does indeed. Shame!

I'm not sure if you've noticed but the internet isn't real. Crypto can say whatever she wants. Unless you're the thought one cares, unless of course perhaps you're going to sanction thought. Perhaps you could teach your friends in Chyna about plates/mates laugh

This is where the rubber hits the road Fargo and I'll just quote your hypocrisy.
"""At those who like
To create turmoil
On a website like this?

Why not indeed?
Rubbish presenting as intellect
Should be shown and seen
As the vapid thinkers they are

Don't you think?"""

Since you're a professor ('Rubbish presenting as intellect
Should be shown and seen
As the vapid thinkers they are'), shouldn't you be taking your own leftist/groovy advice? You don't wanna tip the apple cart mate because it's not only vapid, it's disingenuous.

Well done to OZ Btw at cricket, you guys are the best sledges.
BTW Fargo, do you take pot shots, midis or schooners?

@BoD a surprising pairing for the final, betting on that coupling would have given great odds, I am sure.
172 as the highest final target, and eaten up with steady heady slogging. Strange game T20! Give me 5-day any time!
@BoD almost never beer - maybe once a year a schooner of dark old. Otherwise it's shiraz.
@BoD the commentator saying after Mitch Marsh hit 14 off his first three balls: 'one of the great pullers' haha! Congrats on NZ making the final, and such a challenging score!
I miss Richie Benaud as commentator

Absolute legend, gentleman and hard case. I'd rather listen to Richie than that "twat' from North England Geoffrey Boycott.

@BoD I was working at DY post-office in the summer break, sorting mail, and listening to the 1960 tied test on radio - 100 8 ball overs in those days.
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