Some Very Good Snow

You're invited to partake in sampling
one of the best unique voices in our lifetime.
She has an incredibly accurate range and can switch vibrato on & off at will.

I present Ms. Phoebe Snow.

The following is a live concert featuring her,
which you are able to enjoy for free, thanks to Youtube. tip hat

From The Independent;

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It's difficult for me to understand singing text. I usually google for the lyrics, when I want to fully understand what a song is about. Takes time. But I like her voice, very powerful.
I'm glad you enjoy her unique voice T. Sadly, she is no longer alive.
She died at the age of 60 back in 2011, a year after a brain hemorrhage.

I hope that she didn't suffer much. (It's what I wish for myself.)

She appear to be very confident and proud in her performance. Very convincing. I do like confident and proud women.
I would think, that anyone (male or female) that gets up in front of a large number of people to perform,
probably has a significant amount of confidence, or too much alcohol to drink. laugh
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