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Never heard of them before but while out partying with some friends they mentioned how nice weighted blankets are. The nurse next door to me said they are especially nice for Alheizmer's victims so I bought one for my folks. They aren't cheap but finding something my folks don't have already is a challenge.

I took the blanket over yesterday and it is big. I thought it would be the size of a throw blanket for the couch but it can cover both my folks on the couch. It is heavy folded up but not so bad once it is thrown on them. Because they are both such tiny little people with bones covered in a thin layer of flesh....they are cold all the time....even here in hell, err I mean Florida.

So folks if you know someone who is cold all the time or you yourself are - treat them or yourself to a weighted blanket. My thermometer runs hot so I do not need one but if I could find an itty bitty one for my Chi I would buy her one.
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There there there must must be be an an echo echo...

Dating back to February.

Glass beads make the weight.
I suggest getting a cover for them as you cannot put them in a washing machine like a normal blanket.
You could make one for Chi.

I think the original invention which parents made for an autistc child, had pockets in which they placed weights made from 'pillows' filled with rice.

You'd probably want something less edible and more washable for a dog blanket, mind. laugh
Thanks Chat for the cover idea. I was supposed to look up on the web how to care as it came with no instructions. Phoey that it can't be washed. Mom was worried about it too.

So I heard it fro you first about weighted blankets but I wasn't enlightened enough until I heard a gaggle of ladies talking about it. I figured my Dad had one but it turned out that Mom had never even heard of a weighted blanket. Right then & there I knew to buy one.
Dad yelled in the middle of the night to get the blanket off of him because he couldn't move so I'm returning it. Rats
Depending on temp in winter, I either sleep under a buffalo robe or a super loft comforter. The hide takes getting used to the weight. You might want to check out a super loft comforter. It has some weight but is not the same as weighted. My guy hates weight so I cant have the buffalo on my bed if he is here. The comforter is fine if not tucked at foot.
Thank you. I'm now a bit gun shy to try anything heavy as I hate hate hate returning stuff.
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