cat speak-no means yes

i love my dopey cat. the "no man" rather than "yes man".
he looks at me with his amber eyes and cries, silently. this action provokes a loving massage on his head and neck with special attention to his ears.
he is rebuffed, yet, minutes later, he makes a bed of me.
the rascal often makes a bed of me when i'm ready for a coffee refill or need a trip to the WC. i could never disturb such a peaceful creature...
i think he must love me.
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Cats are very special, but then all pets are as well.

I have quite a number of cats.
wow wow worse than torture grin for me that is . I would not hurt an animal but hey not a cat.blues
my cat rebuffs affection but welcomes advances. such silly creatures
I have goose bumps just thinking of cat curled on my lap hug
They're great aren't they. Even better when they've lost a leg, rein in that independence a bit. There's dog material in a disabled cat. Neither yes or no, but maybe
CC? mine is lazy. he only gets up when i get up. then, he parks in my path or stretches.
I think it's amazing that completely different species can form special bonds.

Not sure if cats form bonds like dogs can. Maybe some of those who are owned by a cat can let me know.

I do recall things like this widow's husband died. Their parrot went into such deep grief, that it ceased eating and eventually died.

Bonds of love, affection, loyalty, between species which can't even communicate completely.

Mine gets up with morning wood as I cut the forest and whisper hot steamy Co2 as the carbon dangles.......after all, I drool in anticipation
"CC? mine is lazy. he only gets up when i get up. then, he parks in my path or stretches."

Mine is rigid yet fair and so becoming yet tranquil when I shoot for the stars......Starsky and Hutch let alone Chips (John and Poncho) riding in unison.

'Gulp'........."my verbal molotov cocktail is being prepped. you can figure it out after. i have multiple personalities. a librarian, nurse, nun, car salesman. i'm not interested in bs. i've got ways so you must be superior in romance"

Please, please, please whip me as you dress as a nun carrying the book of books selling me a car as my gasket blows and nursing me back to good health with a wee dram or two. heart wings

You're amazing. love
You have to love cats…

Sign in, sign out. Has the cat got your tongue?

As I slip away into 'fantasy Island'

BTW, happy birthday Scorpio.....a few days late but themes the breaks.

Never stop being YOU.

Bo, i've had a faithful dog. a trusting mare and now, a goofy cat. i prefer animals for companionship. no judging.
This will probably sound more pathetic and probably sad but I was trying to find a kiwi horse song to try and impress you from you-tube. Gawwwwd I'm an idiot.

All as I found was embarrassingly stupidness. I was thinking in the back of my head, nah, nah, nah......brace yourself. This is going to be a good'n...........I'll show them god damn it wave

Did you know that the natural enemy of the cat is.... what?

A dog?

(No, but dogs sit on the heads of cats.. Look it up on Youtube).

Cars? No.

Trees? No.


(Look it up on Youtube).
Everyone judges. Self defence or Rittenbergs (pardon the spelling, I'm pissed) is so political. Fox vs CNN.

I hope he and his mother stick it to Biden.

Everyone judges. It's tribal and incomplete but sanctimonious regardless of which side of the ocean/street.
The current is raging
Cats are territorial. Butter paws, butter paws.

Cats circle the fridge and meow, cats don't meow amongst their feline friends and especially to the tomb boy.

Dogs will be whipped into shape and follow the pack. Cat's on the other hand just sit back

AND WATCH, when the claws unfold, heaven/hell........unfold
Wild cats eat flightless kiwis.

Cats are the ultimate predator.

Don't confuse OZ for NZ. There's no native animal in NZ. In the 1800's we imported possums, wallabies, Deer, Chamois, Thar/tahr, rabbits, hares, horses etc etc. The cat isn't dumb and it will pur till the cows come home and meow
Just a fun fact. Did you know that Humans only populated NZ 800 yrs ago. Blink of an eye
@Mr BoD - None? Where else is the Kia or the Kiwi?
I think you mean Kea, another dumb flightless bird. The reason why birds including Moa were flightless is because there were no natural predators and they adapted.
Name one animal that is indigenous to NZ. NAME ONE?. The only indigenous mammal on land is a bat

Na na na na na na..........Batman
I can't hear you Fargo, speak louder from your parapet. Just name one.

Mineral, rock or salt? Does it start with an A?
Just an animal, not birds, not whatever. Name ONE Animal? I'm not actually sure if you're aware of this but birds aren't animals.

Just saying
ever consider coming to America and walk the talk?
@MrBoD birds are animals, living creatures, Perhaps you mean marsupials or mammals. Possums and deer were certainly imported, sheep goats. Yes kea, I worked at Mount Cook and I remember them well, they are certainly unique to NZ.
I'd ride you any day of the week but I'm waiting for my covid shot and a hamburger compared to crossing the mexican border and getting $450 k.

Desisions, desions. I can't though because I'd be a colonist

I'm pissed, appologies...........not really though rolling on the floor laughing

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