Nationwide Lockdown of Unvaccinated People Ordered

Amid a surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths, the government has ordered a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people, age 12 and over.

Violators face fines of up to $1,660

It's a bold move that drives home the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid-19.
People have a choice. Either get vaccinated, or stay home.

Yesterday from The Associated Press;

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Lockdowns are for prisons.

Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria.

Draw your own conclusions.
However, in this lockdown, they can go get vaccinated, go for a walk, and go food shopping.

Other people born in Austria include;

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer),
Sigmund Freud (Psychiatrist),
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor and Actor),
Erwin Schrödinger (Physicist),
Ludwig Wittgenstein (Philosopher),
Maria Theresia (Queen regnant),
Lise Meitner (Physicist),
Ernst Mach (Physicist),
Elfriede Jelinek (Novelist & Nobel Prize Winner)
Christoph Waltz (actor),
Friedensreich Hundertwasser (architect),
Gustav Klimt (painter),
Oskat Kokoschka (painter),
Egon Schiele (painter),
Yes i guess they had a choice in Germany also, to wear a star for some, so they could have the freedom of walking in some park for a while anyway, but that freedom was short lived,

You could see it as trying to
protect the unvaccinated.
The list of exceptions was substantial too.
Working, grocery shopping, going for a walk —
sounds like my life there.. crying
Hey sitting on cs was not prohibited so what's the big deal... rolling on the floor laughing
help laugh
It's not permanent.

I won't call you a Nazi but I do think you need to be patient with people. The vaccines are very new
CC, the idea must be to make sure the hospitals don't get totally overwhelmed.

On Oslo if air quality reach a certain number, fossil fueled cars must drive home.
In reality that hardly ever happens, but there has been a few days.
As G points out, it is temporary to ensure there are enough hospital beds.
Plus, it amazes me, that I have to point this out, but there will be no executions. roll eyes

The goal is to save human lives, not extinguish them.
To save human locking up healthy people ...
Hitler had a similar idea, saving germans who live in Poland , or was it Czechoslovakia, i forgot...which country has he invaded first...?
Not locked up dedo, but you might have to drop the weekly visit to the lover for a few weeks.
And the cinema trip must with Cindy must be replaced by a moviebox and a order in pizza.
Oh, and Gustav's party on Saturday is now put forward to the 16th of December.
Yea, it sucks big time avoiding dying.

Anschluss with Czech came first and occupation of the Sudetenland, prompting the weenie Neville Chamberlain to throw the Czechs under the bus and declare 'Peace in our Time.'

By then the iron dice were cast and Hitler made a secret pact with Stalin to both attack and devour Poland. Hitler created the pretext that German stations had been attacked by Polant and began 'defending itself' shortly thereafter.

Such are the lies and pretexts.

You cannot make an EXPERIMENTAL drug MANDATORY.

We had total lockdowns , first it was ,like a police hour,for several hours, then it prolonged

look its a really transparent and stupid ideology - if, and im underling the if , there is a virus, he doesnt have a -working hour -
the lockdowns had ,back then a completely other purpose - installation of 5G transmitters and relocation of emigrants
How healthy they are may be in question. Indeed, not being vaccinated against the prevailing disease may be considered quite unhealthy. head banger
The experimental trials happened before the vaccines were approved.
That phase is long over and the vaccines have proven in usage to be quite effective and relatively safe. As with all vaccines, there have been some side effects with a minority of people. However, overall they have been a huge success and are no longer considered "experimental".
Your meme is foolish. The vaccinated have mostly been protected from death from covid-19. Most of the unvaccinated have not. Because a significant percentage are still not been vaccinated, they keep the cycle of infections, illness and death ongoing.
Hurray for vaccines, allowing the body to be better prepared to fight diseases before they get infected. Vaccines expose the immune system to antigens of the virus without exposing the body to the active virus. This primes the immune systems of healthy people to sort for effective antibodies, which combat the virus much quicker and much more efficiently, when the actual virus infects. It also leads to quicker T cell involvement.

For a history of immunizations see;


locking up healthy people
How healthy they are may be in question. Indeed, not being vaccinated against the prevailing disease may be considered quite unhealthy. head banger

Actually I died several weeks ago from this virus that no one has presented yet ,but they buried me with my phone and a charger ,and thank good im close to a 5g tower ,,, i have to compliment Huawei battery

Seriously? how healthy may be in question??? and what tests exactly do you have in mind that could specifically say -Hey dude, you have a common flu , sars cov19- delta variant or you`re healthy???
Actually, provably wrong on all your points.

If you want to talk about the animal trials most of the test subjects died.

It's not a vaccine, which is a depleted form of a virus isolate. A vaccine is a sterilizing agent, allowing the body to recognize and kill the virus when it first attacks the body. Vaccines have used this method for many, many years.

This is a novel technology. It manipulates and can permanently alter the DNA. Recent studies suggest that it damages DNA, increasing risk of cancer.

At best, it's a treatment. But then again, so are HCQ and Ivermectin- cheap, effective and safe.

If and when I contract the Big C, it'll be HCQ, Ivermectin or Monoclonal antibodies, because our governor is handling it right in our state.
Quit complaining those unvaccinated, if you had followed the rules put in place to SAVE lives none of these mandatory measures would be needed.

You all brought it on yourself by believing BS and misinformation designed to cause confusion.

If the CDC/NHS and every other medical authority said the grass was green some here would still be pushing some inane theory it was red and the uneducated, unintelligent would believe it. doh
How do you say "commissar" in Chinese?
I would say bohemund, as that would explain what a liar and conspiracy theorist isgrin
I will hold the Gong-Gong rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


The hospital where many of them show up get sicker and die has the tests. PCR seems to be the most reliable for Covid-19.

As vaccines improve over time, they have often been novel in one way or another.
They used to use live virus, that was attenuated. Then, they went to antigens from the virus.
The newer approach is using mRNA that codes for parts of viral antigens.
It keeps getting safer

It neither manipulates nor alters the DNA. Humans lack a reverse transcriptase, which would be needed to
do that. You are promoting false information.

The treatment is a vaccine, which is much safer and more effective that chemicals not found in nature in the body.
What you say, is partially true Mic.
However, you are not taking into account 2 facts.

#1. Deaths don't overwhelm hospital beds, patients do.

#2. As I've discussed several time before with you, there is a lag time between new cases and new deaths.
Being the modern society they are Mic, trying to be on top of it and do somthing BEFORE it gets too bad.
Remb also there is only 8.9 mill people there. So 29deaths equal 900 in the usa.
Take int account less obesity and general a healthier pop, there are fewer hospital beds.
Up at our biggest hospital in Oslo they were talking about problems with as few as 30 covid patients in at once.
To my surprice.
Some good points G. thumbs up
#1) More specifically - very ill & DYING Patients overwhelm hospitals.
Few Deaths suggest few Very Ill Patients.

2) Perhaps early on. The Austria Surge has been underway for some time ...
Both timelines reflect average numbers for the past 7 days.
The past 7 days are Well within the period of the Surge.
Thus, the use of the Death Rate as an indicator of Mortality Rate is useful.

Whatever -
Read the Timelines & Judge for Y'all's Selves.

But 7 days is not an average lag time from illness until death.
Say no more......

Austria is on course to expand its 5G network, using Chinese supplier Huawei despite other countries refusing to partner with them and some going as far as banning the company due to supposed security risks. EURACTIV Germany reports.
From the British Prime minister:-

The PM told reporters: "I think it's very good news that the JCVI has today authorised the booster programme to be rolled out to everybody 40-plus, and when you look at what's happening in the pandemic at the moment, just hearing in Newham sadly there are people in ICU, in intensive care, who are suffering badly from COVID, but they're all the unvaccinated.

"And what's happening is if you can get your booster then your immunity goes right back up to 95%."

Getting my booster tomorrowhead banger
And I'd Said ...
Ee-yup cheers

Right you Are ... thumbs up

You are AGAIN missing the point Mic.
Look at the graph again.
The most rapid increase has been the most recent 7 day periods.
That fortels, that the surge in deaths from Covid-19 is yet to come.
I hope I am wrong. But, unfortunately, this is how it goes.
It predicts that there will be a rapid rise in deaths several weeks later.
Seven will get you Ten $ USV (Virtual Dollars) that a week from now, the 7 Day Average Death Rate won't be much off from 29 ... + or -

Mind you - I Never claimed the Deaths vs New Cases was dead on balls accurate.
I said it was USEFUL ... Which it IS - No matter how much weasling & tortured logic might be applied.

You're right about Austria and the current situation Jim.
So I think the effort to slow down unnecessary movement for a short while
for a small group, who hardly notice much difference from
the last two years anyway, do make sense.
It's an emergency short term effort only. Not permanent apartheid.

I'm pro freedom of choice, but there is also something called
'freedom to not break down at work' too
or at least there should be for them front line workers.
When I walk into a hospital (I'm a courrier) I see the workers and feel sympathy for them.
Me I run out again as soon as I can... super
Exactly. Wingnuts comparing it to Nazi Germany was ridiculous.
Decisions to help prevent deaths based on science are good things, not
an attempt to do harm to anyone, except the virus. head banger
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