alternative lifestyles

no judging. just a listen

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Have known many nudists and seen some nude crytochchid, no big deal to each its own I say...........
I am sure I am too third world-ish or too old school or all of the above, but I would be looking for a tree to hide, if I had to go to a nudist camp or whatever their name is... laugh laugh laugh And even more third world-ish and old school when it comes to being a swinger... I have always read that there are three things that you never share: Your car, your toothbrush and your boyfriend/girlfriend... I don't think I would like everyone/anyone to look at my man's, ummmmm... "stuff" besides me and even less to use it, abuse it (I'm joking) and enjoy it... devil devil devil lips lips lips I will die a monogamous female... laugh hug teddybear
To put it this way Melody: I can lend out my car, and my toothbrush if anybody want it lol
But mi woman, never.
I'm way too romantique for that.

However, when one is single one can do what one please.
Hook up with a friend you used to shag, and go over there pretend to be a couple...
like most of the others... dancing cheering
You've got to believe in something it's Christmas soon
CC, you are unique and special
I feel the same about you
Just another useless piece of info as the diary expands from day 33 to.....150.

I'm sure Pat the ocker will hate this but anyways. Back in the late 80's/90's a lot of us (Kiwis) went to Bondi. I was about 18 or so. On Bondi beach I was confronted with topless breasts. Needless to say as a young impressionable lad....... I just hung out, not literally but just hung out at the beach. Anyway, after awhile it became the norm. It wasn't so much the topless ladies, it was my fantasy.

The rest is history

"You've got to believe in something it's Christmas soon"

Yeah but up north in a northern town, it stands to reason that you guys dress up warm during winter especially when Xmas approaches.

More cheese vids, sorry Crypto but I think Chez is a legend as are you. No offence to Chez but I think you're more gorgeous


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